Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wet Weddings...

Getting married in Scotland
 i'm kind of resigned to the
 fact that there is a 90% chance of rain on my wedding day.
in fact one of the first things i did was buy a big umbrella
 and i have a pair of Wellie Boots on standby.

But at my friends wedding the other day she had the 
best weather that Scotland could offer.
Blue skys, not a hint of rain.
and then today it was miserable,
dark and gloomy and the kind of rain that only Scotland seems to provide....
not actual rain drops falling from the sky 
but just walking around you get soaked from the
wetness that is hanging around in the air....

and its the first time i've actually thought to myself,
i really hope the weather isnt like this...
like really really...

I've been anxiously scouting out weather 
forecasts online for the past week....
i have a couple of websites that give more favourable forecasts than others...

i've also discovered that there is an average rainfall of
 16 days in the month of september in edinburgh,
so that basically means i've got 50/50 chance of rain...

Double Blah!

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