Friday, September 28, 2012

A break from wedding posts con....

Finally loaded my Belfast Pictures!

Swimming with the fishes

Shankill -
An predominantly Protestant area in Belfast where a lot of conflicts have arisen.
They also have a very friendly looking Doggie Barbers though.... 

Some of the murals in the Protestant Area

Gate that gets closed every night separating the two areas of Belfast

Writing on the Peace wall....we didnt want to...the tour guide us made us, we felt like vandals.
I'm not sure the peace wall is a good name for it as its been getting bigger and bigger over the years, taller and taller,
adding on more spikes and barbed wires to keep the other side out...doesnt sound too peaceful to me.

Catholic Memorial Garden

With our Cab 

Our tour guide hated Maggie Thatcher....still with a passion even though she has long been out of politics.
If you see that little picture of her on the left hand side it's a picture of Maggie Thatcher saying WANTED - for murder and torture of Irish Prisoners.

Entertaining Tim inside our Brothel Booth in the Crown Pub, Belfast

Cool architecture. The builder of the pub used to employ all the  tradesmen who  had been brought over from Italy to build the Catholic Cathedrals. There are little stain glass windows and beautiful handcarving everywhere.

Ready for the Ball. Seeing as our trip to the Ball was a little impromtu i didnt have a fancy Ball gown. I did on the other hand have a lovely little lace Vintage number that i had picked up in London that i had worn to leave my wedding.

Tim wore his wedding kilt. We weren't as glamarous as some people but we didnt feel too shabby either!

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