Friday, August 31, 2012

Crafty as a two year old....

Today i helped my sister Georgia make some of my place setting name tags for my wedding.
i'm so unartistic.
The ones i made looked like they were down by a two year old,
i met just tell people that my 9 year old brother made them.

I've never had the crafty gene.
i've got lots of crafty ideas for the wedding,
but am now realising i'm going to have to have a lot of help from other people
who have the crafty gene to pull it off.

I also went to a friends wedding ceremony today.
Got to check out the competition dont cha know...

She was 45mins late walking down the aisle,
i was sure i was finally going to be in a wedding
where someone gets stood up at the aisle.

Looks like not this time,
and i sure hope not next time i go to a wedding,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weddingy Post....

Its nearly here....
10 more days to go.

Today i finally bought my wedding shoes...
i finally thought to myself, ok, its all going to work out.
Only little thing to sort out is the flowers....
but i'm thinking their going to be fine.....


i tried on my headress, 
its only the second time i've taken it out the box.
and SNAP, it disintegrated into two pieces in my hand.

Cue Meltdown.

I bought my headdress from America.
I bought it roughly a week or two after we got engaged.
I have the web page url of the site i brought it from memorised
 because i've been googling it for years....
yes ....

So the thought of not wearing it on my wedding day because of this untimely breakage
was quite devestating.

Fingers crossed that all is going to be well.

After having a melt down in a shop when i took it in to see if they could mend it
(they didnt think they could)

i managed to call the woman in america and she's fed ex'ed me out a new one.
so i'll be praying for fed-ex for the next few days.

It keeps getting mentioned to me (rather cautiously) 
that i'm being very controlling about my wedding.
And yes i realise that i am....

the thing  is that very few people like ALL my wedding ideas.
and i come from a family of strongly opinionated peoples
everyone likes some but dont like others,
but the fact of the matter is that if i have to listen to one persons
opinion then i have to listen to them all,
and no one will ever behappy.

So i dont listen to anyone.
No-one else has a say...

other than Tim.
and he enjoys most of my ideas...most...
He draws the line between sanity and extravagance...

at other times i have to reel him back in....
which i enjoy,
because it lets me know i'm not the only one who is 
taking all this wedding malarkey a bit too far.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snapshots of summer.....

Seeing as i had many adventures recently which i didnt get 
round to blogging about i thought i'd just share a few snapshots of my summer.

 Thia is at Monkey World in Dorset, 
where they house rescued Monkeys.
This Gibbon saw us and then came up and sat on this branch 
and did the most hilarious little wiggly dance...
 At the Olympic Boxing....

Porchester Castle

Playing Mini-Golf...
when i told the woman in the shop my score at the end she was pretty shocked...
and not in the good way...
i think it was a record.

Sunday Afternoon bike trip to Netley Abbey


A trip to the submarine museum,
getting in touch with my inner submariner
(my grandad was on the subs)

He was the wireless man sending all the morse codes
i think its in the blood

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A pirates life for me....

i'm not totally missing in action.
i just spent the last few days on my first sailing trip,
 from the south coast of england to the north of scotland.

seeing a cool pirate style ship
seeing dolphins

Lowlights -
getting totally sea sick on the second day and puking up a lot

meanwhile my wedding is in two and a half weeks 
and sometimes the thought of that just reminds me of the things that i dont quite have under control yet .
turns out when it comes to the wedding i've turned into a 
SUPER-Control Freak!

No wedding shoes
no dj
flowers not fully organised
musicians not fully confirmed
people wanting to bring extra plus ones (asking 2 weeks in advance is not cool)
a bridesmaid dress down, and i'm seriously doubting it will even fit when it arrives

On the uber up side....
my wedding dress is finally coming toogether.
My big sister has worked wonders after a heck of a lot of tears on my side.
The last time i tried it on before i left it had finally turned into what i had originally planned....

it only took 4 dressmakers
a million fittings
buying the material twice
carting it across continents and countries

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back at the museum.....

I'm slow at the moment downloading my pictures from my camera to the computer.

so here are some pictures from our trip the 
The Natural History Museum in London
a couple of weeks ago.

We've been going on lots of lovely little day trips around Dorset too.
Which is nice because i've never been in this part of the country before.
Its one big new adventure.

Friday, August 3, 2012

On horses and swimming....

We are currrently moored in a tiny little village in Dorset called Hamble.
Its quite cute, and if you go out in the evening all the locals get dressed up in their posh gear to go out for dinner at the two local restaraunts.
(something Tim failed to tell me on our first night out, where i wore what i had worn 
on the bus on the way down, i felt very out of place)

Anyhows, been feeling a little bit lazy.
So Tim and i have been visiting the local swimming pool in the evenings on occasion.

To get there we have to walk through a big field which has lots of friendly horses in it.
Like this dude with his moustache.

and this wee horsey that reminds me of all my My Little Ponies.

I love watching the swimming on the Olympics....
mainly because its an easy sport to understand, 
the person who goes the fastest wins.

Although being in the pool myself makes me realise just how hard it is.
I have absolutely no stamina.
Dancers tend not to,
 as most of our work is done in short little bursts.

There were a couple of old ladies in that pool who
 were most definitely out swimming me
as i took a pause to catch my breathe every now
 and then and they kept on soldiering on.

I guess my Gold will just have to wait.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life goes on......

It's kind of strange to think that this life on the boat is my future for the time being.
It feels like i'm a little bit on holiday mode and at the end of 6weeks i'll be flying back to where ever
to go back to my normal life of spinning around in the studio.

Yesterday Captain Tim took me out shopping to buy all my Sailor Outfits....
not quite the cure little dresses i had in mind.
More like anoraks and fleeces and lots of thermal underwear....
hmmm....and here was me thinking i'd just be lazing around in a bikini.

I'm also working hard on learning my knots....
i kid you (k)not.
Its so cliche, sitting around learning my reef knots,
bowlines and figures of eights. is strange.