Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby ballet....

Teaching baby ballet classes goes from moments 
of where your heart skips a beat because they are so dang cute...
(-whenever they hold hands and skip,
-when they remember something you said the week before that 
you thought no one had listened to,
-when you can see them making friends 
even though they dont speak the same language)

To moments of despair,
where you are the big bad wolf initiating crowd control,
making them stand still when all they want to do is wiggle
and chat with their new friends.

I really wish they understood when i tell 
them off it makes me so sad,
(and hope they realise that after they've
been told off they get so many extra nice comments
cause i feel so guilty for having been strict with them)

After the first day of lessons i told my husband
i was changing my mind about having kids...

then i sat next a little 10 month year
old boy on the tube going home who i ended
up playing with on my lap the whole journey
and changed my mind again
(dont even get me started how the adoption 
adverts in the metro make me cry and wanna
adopt all the little children)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


We actually didnt take that many pictures in Morocco,
mainly because Husband kept getting mistaken for a Moroccan
which was pretty handy as it meant nobody bothered us.
Until we got a camera out and then every tourist tout in a mile came
out of all the nooks and crannies.

We rocketed through North Morocco in a weekend.
We hit  Tangier, Fez, Chefchaouen, Tetouan and Ceuta.

to be honest I really wasnt into the big cities.
They highlights were just Arab style markets
which i saw enough off in Cairo...nothing new.

I did love the food...mmmm Moroccan stew and couscous,
and the freshly squeezed orange juice,
at one meal after having been travelling for quite a while
husband and I downed 8 classes between us,
in about 45mins!!!!

i did love Chefchaouen though.
What an adventure it was to get there!
turns out all the regular buses (that mainly take tourists)
where sold out...uhoh...

so we managed to hang around at the local
Moroccan bus stop for a few hours and
bribe our way onto a local bus 
(i hate to think how much the 
overcharged was still pretty cheap)

we ended getting on a bus to a destination
that was on no maps,
the ticket tout assured us it was only 8km 
from our destination.

So we sat on a very hot dirty bus for 5 hours 
going to the middle of nowhere...literally.

When we got there it was lovely,
in the mountains and all the buildings stonewashed light blue.
Husband also treated us to the only 5* hotel in town...
Very Exciting!!!

After spending the day haggling as lowly backpackers
it was nice to splurge out in the evening.
(still for the price of a fairly average hotel in europe)

It was definitely the highlight of my trip,
sitting on our own private balcony drinking fresh orange
watching the sun go down.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teaching or being taught....

So i taught my first official ballet class today as a fully qualified ballet teacher.

Was it any good?.....
Well i gave my students name tags which they ended up sticking on 
their foreheads and noses,
i let them...
(half way through the class i realised i 
probably ought to be more strict...)

But they were a lovely bunch of students,
listening and applying,

so as long as they do the steps good i guess they can stick whatever
they want on their noses, right?

i'm sure one day i'm going to look back at this and think to 
myself what a rookie...

Having a nice new shiny certificate
doesnt hide the fact that i've still
got a heck of a long way to go as a teacher.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I've not gone AWOL....

In fact i've been very very busy.

I've finished my Ballet Teachers Diploma (with top grades...who knew!)
I've been holidaying in
Morocco, Gibraltar and the South of Spain
(hopefully photos to come soon) 

But most importantly today is 
our first wedding Anniversary!!!!

Which is just an excuse for me to post wedding photos again!

Our Wedding Day was amazing,
we love looking at the pictures and
reminiscing about it,

but being married is what its all about and its amazing.
Someone who loves me and supports me
and makes sure that I'm aiming to be the best i can be,
putting me straight when i'm out of line.

I cant wait for year 2....