Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everybody in the world loves irn-bru...

I am sitting in my apartment drinking my bottle of Irn-Bru that
i stowed in from my weekend trip to Scotland.

I should be packing up and cleaning my apartment
as i'm meant to be moving out tomorrow.

But that is no fun.

So i am distracting myself by looking up old Irn-Bru ads on the internet
that used to make me chortle....
and indeed still do.

Most of them ended up getting banned...
but thats why we like Irn-Bru ads....

my personal favourite..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

angry clouds...

the other night it was eerily quiet and yet the sky was amok with lightening but funnily enough no thunder or rain....

Dear Angry Clouds,

I know what it feels like to grumble and groan
and feel like no-one hears you.

I know what it feels like to have sparks flying inside
and no-one understanding.

But sometimes you just need to let it all out.

And burst those clouds and cry big fat drops of rain.

When you let the tears out sometimes it just feels better
releasing the pressure.

and i know you don't want to hear this...
but do you know how pretty you look when your angry?

From Your Friend

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing Catch up...

i only seem to blog when i'm not busy and therefore actually have nothing to say.
Now i've been lots of fun stuff and had no time(or computer) to write it.

Here are a couple of things of the top of my head -

Saw Bob Dylan in concert,
he sucked he sounded like an old Marge Simpson

Had my last official performance in Ljubljana -
i had planned a mini party for during the curtain calls (party hats and moustaches)
but the show was cancelled due to low temperatures and rain (it was outdoors)

Saw Billy Idol in Concert-
He rocked and still has the groove
Went home to Scotland for the weekend-
To surprise my little brother...(who at 6ft 4 isnt so little any more) who is heading off in a couple of weeks to become a Missionary for my church for two years.

Climbed Arthurs Seat, Went to Dalkeith Park, ate haggis, had a bbq, a fry-up and a game of Scrabble on an original board that was bought i South Africa.

and of course hung out with the fam...

But the biggest news is that i jumped on a plane this week and went to Cairo for three days where i didn't get a chance to see much of the (humongous) city, but did get offered a job as a Soloist in The Cairo Opera Ballet...

Which lets just say is a big promotion from my current predicament...

Things are looking

Thursday, June 24, 2010

just a quickie....

on adventures.
catching job fairies.
caught one.
with my butterfly net.

off to scotland for the weekend.
first time in nearly a year.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i had been thinking for a while what i wanted to do with myself....
being slightly unhappy with my role here in the ballet company for a while now.

But when i was told i no longer could be a dancer i realised in a moment
that is exactly what i wanted to do,


There was a gala performance here with some International stars dancing.

(dancers- Adiarys Almeida, Tjasa Kmetec, Lukas Zuchlag, Peter Dvoarski, Bridget Breiener, Ivan Gil-Ortega, Bojana Otrin, Joseph Bunn,)
Photos- Andrej Petek

Watching the perform gave me chills and i smiled from ear to ear the whole performance.

Even though i wasnt dancing, i thought to myself,
'This is why i dance'

So in the words of Einstein...

'I'm thankful to all those people who said,'NO' because of them i did it myself.'

and i have it on good authority he was a fairly clever guy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quitting in style....

(watch the tiger on the left)
My last performance of Swan Lake here in Ljubljana will be on Friday night.

This video is infamous in our 'ballet circle' it's our way of Sticking-It-To-The-Man
something that we would all like to do but not have the nerve to..

I keep getting asked what i'm going to do for my 'Tiger Ballet'

What would you do on your last day in your job?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


i was sat down in an office this week
and told that in a month my 'services' would no longer be needed.

In a word, i'm now officially,

What to do, what to do...
I suppose the opportunities in front of me are now endless....
the world is my oyster?

But for now i'm just trying to figure out the logistics
of moving my accumulated 5 years worth of possessions from one country to another....

and somehow in my head
i keep hearing the voice of Julie Andrews
as Maria Von Trapp telling me,

'When the Lord closes a door somehow he opens a window'


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Captain Tim is a sailorman who sails yachts....
perhaps a bit like Popeye the sailroman i like to think.

Over dinner last night he told me of an 'event' that had taken place on the boat that day.

Apparently whilst hoisting the rig
(i'm not sure thats the right term but doesnt it sound sailorish?)

any hows,
whilst pulling a rope it snapped and it whipped out and the chunk of metal on the end
hit one if his fellow sailors on the head.

Without thinking Captain Ti went over to this fellow sailor who he had only been introduced to a few hours prior, and kissed his head where he had been hit.

There was a moment of awkward silence on the boat whilst all these manly men took in what had just happened.

Captain Tim was mortified, but after a second, a sub-concious mutual decision was made by all, to pretend like it had never happened.

Seemingly this awkward moment is my fault
as whenever i hurt myself i get him to 'kiss-it-better'

Personally i just think i've got him well trained...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

getting out of the city...

The sun came out and i finally
went to Vintagar Groje....
it was divinely beautiful

and it reminded me of this quote...

'we receive our inspiration from the mountains
but receive ourmaturity from the valleys of life'
Winston Churchill

Thursday, June 3, 2010

feeling inferior...

sometimes i wonder why i am fighting so hard to keep a job when everything about it seems to be trying to make me feel inferior.
Whilst other girls look at new cast lists to see what role they will have i look at it in hope that i will be an understudy and that someone will get injured and i'll finally get to perform.

Today i was Too Slow
Too Lazy
Out of Time Everytime
and asked
'why do you have to stand so ugly?'

I look around wonder if i truly am the worst dancer in the room.
i know i am not the best.
I am not perfect.
I have aspects that need to be worked on.

But i have qualities too.
Why am i the only one who thinks this?
lately i've been wondering if they are actually qualities at all.

I think i preferred yesterdays physical pain to today's mental pain.

Today as a 'correction' i was told, 'Dont dance so much'.

Perhaps i should remind them that when asked for my occupation i generally reply,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry Feet...

Sorry feet
for jumping up and down on you very hard for over six hours everyday....

Sorry toenails
for being too lazy to sew up new pointe shoes so now you have turned slightly blue from taking the brunt of it all.

Sorry achilles tendons
for not stretching you enough in-between rehearsals so now you are all inflamed.

Sorry ankles
for not warming up properly before putting on pointe shoes and therefore causing you to seize up

Sorry hips...
i dont know what i did to make you hurt but you do....

Thankyou Captain Tim
for massaging my feet whilst watching Firefly tonight....

needles to say my feet like you better than they like me at the moment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dressing for the weather...

Whats up with the weather at the moment?

Everyday i look out my window and try to guess from the clouds as to how to dress age old technique which i have used for years but apparently my weather-window- guessing-skills are in dire need of improvement as of late.

Recently i 've been caught out wearing summer sandals in a thunderstorm and welly boots in scorching hot weather...

on the other hand i'm adamant that now that it June and i 'm not currently living in Scotland but in a warm climated place it should be sunny weather every day on a constant basis which means summer dresses every day....

I can see that Mario has this problem too...