Friday, November 30, 2012

Off to Oz....

Since having married my husband we have travelled a fair wee bit.

all in the last three months.

and now he has been called over to Australia for a month
so off we go!!!!
Thankfully not by boat.

Its been a bit strange going from along distance relationship
to spend every second of the day together.
I love spending every day with him....
there is no-one else i would i rather travel the world with.
no-one else i would sail across stormy waters for.

but then on the down side,
i dont really have anyone else to talk too...
which can be hard,
sometimes us girls need girls talk.
and my husband isnt always the best at that,
try as he might!

the other day i bumped into a woman in the laundrette
who i started up a conversation with.
turns out she was in a very similar situation to me,
following her fiancee around on a boat,
knowing nothing at all about boats.

It was nice to be able to talk and complain
and have mutual compassion for each other.
To feel on the same level of understanding about some things
 and just to be a listening
ear to each other.

It told me that i'm not the only one 
who has these kind of feelings.
that i'm not so crazy.

I not only jumped into a lifestyle that i know nothing about
but i also am learning how to be a more complete
person with my husband as my partner.

Sometimes the learning curve is steep
but most of the time we cruise along
loving every minute.

Oz here we come!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ballerina on a boat....

One of the things i've been struggling with whilst on the boat is keeping fit.

Whilst i was dancing i never really thought about it...
well..because i was exercising for hours a day,
i didnt need to thinking about keeping fit,
i was fit!

now i need to pay more attention.
when we are sailing around it is nigh on impossible to
do any exercise.
so when we get off i make it a priority to see what i can do about it.

i like to look for local adult ballet classes,
mainly because ballet is still my chosen form of exercise...

but they are far and few inbetween.
when we were in Liverpool i found a good school
with a young ex-professional dancer trying to start up a 
few adult dance classes.
he was really good at all levels
(i went to his beginner and intermediate classes)

but other than that in most places i havent found anything.

i try and do a little ballet barre work out myself on occasion,
and boy oh boy!
am i unfit,
what would have been easy peasy for me a few months ago
is pretty tiring and dificult.
my body is already stiffening up
and my muscles relaxing.

i guess i've got to find other ways of exercising that entertain me.
I do the occasional pilates excercises,
which i enjoy and work my body in the way that i am used to,
but at the same time does nothing for my cardio.

When we were in Slovenia i jumped on the running machine at the hotel gym.
let me tell you this....
i've never been on a running machine in my life...
and i nearly died.
i lasted about 15mins at a fairly average pace before collapsing on the floor.

(but i always think dancers have crap stamina anyway
we do a lot of short bursts)

and i look for a swimming pool where ever i can to 
go for a swim,
as its a far easier way to keep up my stamina
(but that is also not easy to find when you are travelling around)

oh well...
its definitely interesting feeling how my body is changing.
its been used to being a dancer for the last 25 years or so...
so it is a big adaptation...
i'll keep you posted!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boaty Blog.....

If any one has any remote interest the boat that i'm
sailing on has a boaty blog.

Lots of boat talk on it...
but also some pretty pictures and
occasional more up to date info than i've
been managing to give lately 

i'm also on instagram
(i think user name rgiboin)
i take some pics there when i'm travelling around.
i leave tim to carry the camer 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beach Babe!

So being in Lanzarote has got me trying out some 
water sports...

first up

i totally sucked at surfing...
but i had such a great time!
you could here me a mile away laughing so hard at how bad i was.

my husband went off and left me to fend for myself complete
with no no-how at all...
i kept getting passers-by either laughing at me or
 telling me that i was looking a bit dangerous!
in fact one of the main comments was,
'you know your not meant to surf in the sand?'

but it was pretty hard carrying the board around
and surfing in the sand means you have less distance to fall off.

not that i remotely got anywhere near standing up,
i basically body-boarded.

great fun!

lots of sun
(which for some reason you cant see in 
the picture it looks like terrible weather!)
a pink board.
a great view
warm water
lots of not too difficult waves...

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Slovenia was awesome!

it was like being in wonderland with all our favourite friends.

We got all fattened up,
eating at our favourite restaurants and
being cooked amazing meals by friends.

Its nice to be in a place where we 
know if we go in a restaurant its gonna be good food, 
because we've done all the tried and testing in advabce.

travelling around a lot its something you notice,
restaurants are hit and miss,
sometimes its nice to have a place you can go to 
and every thing is gonna be good.

In fact the whole trip was a bit like that....
i definitely feel like Ljubljana is my home away from home

And now....

we are in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.

Sailing here was not the best of pleasures for me.
i got sick again on the first today,
and although i drugged up on sea sick meds after that and felt physically fine
I spent my birthday bobbing around on the ocean and for me
that was not fun at all....

my poor husband doesnt quite get my 
dislike for the bobbing...but he tries.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wedding : The ceremony

(click on photo to see it bigger and better)

The other day some one asked us how the wedding went....
'No Problems!'
Tim and i both declared in unison quite enthusiastically...
'we had a great time'

To which someone had to remind us that that wasnt quite the case....

The running of the service was as follows - 

I walk down the aisle to 
'The Swan' from Carnival of the Animals.
played as a cello solo  by my mums friend
(who no one had ever heard play the cello in advance...
but turns out it went smoothly)

Opening Hymn -
Morning has Broken

Two Readings 
read by my Gangan

and a second reading by 
Tims brother 

(i picked one reading and tim picked the other)

Then a musical item -
(i've loved this song since i was about 4 years old, 
and had always declared that i wanted it played at my wedding
little did i know i would be marrying a sailor and honeymooning in a lighthouse
to make it all the  more apt)
played on the ukulele and sung by my sister and friend

Wedding Ceremony
(Rings and License signing)

Closing hymnI

The End!!!!!!

So i walk down the aisle....
i spent most of the time trying to avoid tripping over,
my dress was pretty long at the front as well as the back which made walking pretty tricky.

I was so excited.
Tim looked awesome in his kilt.
i think when i got to the top i told him that again and afain
'You look so goooooodddd!'
I really really wanted to kiss him,
i think i gave him a big hug instead.

Then we started with the opening hymn,
as everyone started singing tim leaned in and whispered to me that he had something to tell me.

'i know, i know'
i said,
'my sister forgot her ukulele'

'yeah, he said, 'and.....'

So it turns out his Best Man had forgotten to bring
the rings and the wedding license.
He realised this halfway through the boat journey...

My pre-wedding worries when organising were
 that we would forget some guests who might miss the boat...
never that the rings would be left behind!

So during the journey he had gone around the boat trying
to find some wedding rings that would fit on  us.
Turns out his Best Man wasnt a hundred percent useless
in that he remembered my ring size,
but Tim's finger was too big for any.
So i ended up putting a ring on his pinky finger.

When he told me this is the scene that went through my head...
exactly this!

so i laughed myself through the ceremony.
whilst trying very hard to contain myself from giving him a kiss!!!

at the end people came up to us and asked why we were laughing,
as they hadnt know that there were any problems!

We had to sign our license later on,
(thankfully the Bishop was related to us and was a bit lax
on the rules!)

and we slipped our rings on later on after we got off the boat
ugly picture of both of us putting our rings on infront of the
ice cream stall! caught by one of our guests.

The top photo is our first official photograph from our awesome wedding photographer.
my sister Meghan

This was directly after the ceremony and she was like,
'give him a kiss'
as you can see i'm practically eating him...
finally i could smooch him!

She was grossed out...
'stop! stop! stop!'

it was great fun!

(hope wedding posts are not too boring i still have a few more to come...
i want to document everything!!!!!1)