Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wedding : The ceremony

(click on photo to see it bigger and better)

The other day some one asked us how the wedding went....
'No Problems!'
Tim and i both declared in unison quite enthusiastically...
'we had a great time'

To which someone had to remind us that that wasnt quite the case....

The running of the service was as follows - 

I walk down the aisle to 
'The Swan' from Carnival of the Animals.
played as a cello solo  by my mums friend
(who no one had ever heard play the cello in advance...
but turns out it went smoothly)

Opening Hymn -
Morning has Broken

Two Readings 
read by my Gangan

and a second reading by 
Tims brother 

(i picked one reading and tim picked the other)

Then a musical item -
(i've loved this song since i was about 4 years old, 
and had always declared that i wanted it played at my wedding
little did i know i would be marrying a sailor and honeymooning in a lighthouse
to make it all the  more apt)
played on the ukulele and sung by my sister and friend

Wedding Ceremony
(Rings and License signing)

Closing hymnI

The End!!!!!!

So i walk down the aisle....
i spent most of the time trying to avoid tripping over,
my dress was pretty long at the front as well as the back which made walking pretty tricky.

I was so excited.
Tim looked awesome in his kilt.
i think when i got to the top i told him that again and afain
'You look so goooooodddd!'
I really really wanted to kiss him,
i think i gave him a big hug instead.

Then we started with the opening hymn,
as everyone started singing tim leaned in and whispered to me that he had something to tell me.

'i know, i know'
i said,
'my sister forgot her ukulele'

'yeah, he said, 'and.....'

So it turns out his Best Man had forgotten to bring
the rings and the wedding license.
He realised this halfway through the boat journey...

My pre-wedding worries when organising were
 that we would forget some guests who might miss the boat...
never that the rings would be left behind!

So during the journey he had gone around the boat trying
to find some wedding rings that would fit on  us.
Turns out his Best Man wasnt a hundred percent useless
in that he remembered my ring size,
but Tim's finger was too big for any.
So i ended up putting a ring on his pinky finger.

When he told me this is the scene that went through my head...
exactly this!

so i laughed myself through the ceremony.
whilst trying very hard to contain myself from giving him a kiss!!!

at the end people came up to us and asked why we were laughing,
as they hadnt know that there were any problems!

We had to sign our license later on,
(thankfully the Bishop was related to us and was a bit lax
on the rules!)

and we slipped our rings on later on after we got off the boat
ugly picture of both of us putting our rings on infront of the
ice cream stall! caught by one of our guests.

The top photo is our first official photograph from our awesome wedding photographer.
my sister Meghan

This was directly after the ceremony and she was like,
'give him a kiss'
as you can see i'm practically eating him...
finally i could smooch him!

She was grossed out...
'stop! stop! stop!'

it was great fun!

(hope wedding posts are not too boring i still have a few more to come...
i want to document everything!!!!!1)

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