Friday, November 30, 2012

Off to Oz....

Since having married my husband we have travelled a fair wee bit.

all in the last three months.

and now he has been called over to Australia for a month
so off we go!!!!
Thankfully not by boat.

Its been a bit strange going from along distance relationship
to spend every second of the day together.
I love spending every day with him....
there is no-one else i would i rather travel the world with.
no-one else i would sail across stormy waters for.

but then on the down side,
i dont really have anyone else to talk too...
which can be hard,
sometimes us girls need girls talk.
and my husband isnt always the best at that,
try as he might!

the other day i bumped into a woman in the laundrette
who i started up a conversation with.
turns out she was in a very similar situation to me,
following her fiancee around on a boat,
knowing nothing at all about boats.

It was nice to be able to talk and complain
and have mutual compassion for each other.
To feel on the same level of understanding about some things
 and just to be a listening
ear to each other.

It told me that i'm not the only one 
who has these kind of feelings.
that i'm not so crazy.

I not only jumped into a lifestyle that i know nothing about
but i also am learning how to be a more complete
person with my husband as my partner.

Sometimes the learning curve is steep
but most of the time we cruise along
loving every minute.

Oz here we come!!!!!!!

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