Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ballerina on a boat....

One of the things i've been struggling with whilst on the boat is keeping fit.

Whilst i was dancing i never really thought about it...
well..because i was exercising for hours a day,
i didnt need to thinking about keeping fit,
i was fit!

now i need to pay more attention.
when we are sailing around it is nigh on impossible to
do any exercise.
so when we get off i make it a priority to see what i can do about it.

i like to look for local adult ballet classes,
mainly because ballet is still my chosen form of exercise...

but they are far and few inbetween.
when we were in Liverpool i found a good school
with a young ex-professional dancer trying to start up a 
few adult dance classes.
he was really good at all levels
(i went to his beginner and intermediate classes)

but other than that in most places i havent found anything.

i try and do a little ballet barre work out myself on occasion,
and boy oh boy!
am i unfit,
what would have been easy peasy for me a few months ago
is pretty tiring and dificult.
my body is already stiffening up
and my muscles relaxing.

i guess i've got to find other ways of exercising that entertain me.
I do the occasional pilates excercises,
which i enjoy and work my body in the way that i am used to,
but at the same time does nothing for my cardio.

When we were in Slovenia i jumped on the running machine at the hotel gym.
let me tell you this....
i've never been on a running machine in my life...
and i nearly died.
i lasted about 15mins at a fairly average pace before collapsing on the floor.

(but i always think dancers have crap stamina anyway
we do a lot of short bursts)

and i look for a swimming pool where ever i can to 
go for a swim,
as its a far easier way to keep up my stamina
(but that is also not easy to find when you are travelling around)

oh well...
its definitely interesting feeling how my body is changing.
its been used to being a dancer for the last 25 years or so...
so it is a big adaptation...
i'll keep you posted!!!!!

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