Friday, January 31, 2014

Real food....

One of the things I hate about commuting around London from studio to studio,
is that despite my best efforts i normally end up picking food up 'on-the-go'.
London is the King of 'on-the-go' food.
Everything is packaged and processed to be eaten on the tube,
and dont get me wrong some of it is not just crappy junk food,
but probably fairly enough nice and healthy stuff....
but it all adds up and i end up spending a fortune everytime i just walk past a shop.

I liked this little video i saw on a Cup of Joe.

I try to prepare food at home, 
but so often i just run out of time, or am too tired
and why should i bother when its all there in front of me.

But i agree,
the best food is food that you know what is in it.

The other day i was going to buy a spinach and ricotta pasta sauce,
and i thought to myself  wait a sec,
i could make that easy.
so i bought the ingredients and it took a few minutes,
and i made it.
and it was delicious,
and the level of satisfaction and appreciation for my food was 
far more.
and i had leftovers that i froze for another meal....

Also this month i stopped drinking Fizzy Drinks.
i think its the first time in my life i've gone more than a week with out some form of soda.
(or even a few days, my parents had us drinking it young!)

and sure there have been a couple of days when
i've really really fancied one,
but more often than not i've had a really nice time
buying fresh fruit juices instead....

but dont get me wrong,
i'm counting down the days till
my next can of Irn Bru!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life gets in the way.....

been in blogging limbo.

Its not that nothing has been happening,
in fact a lot has been happening.

Long story short but whilst i was away having a lovely 
holiday with husband a few work emails
came in that gave me a distinctly bad feeling that
things weren't going good.
(it spoiled my Christmas a little)
and in fact after arriving back in the country and
calling my boss everyday (to no avail),
it eventually turned out
that they had decided to give my job back to the
girl who i had taken over from
and effectively unemploy me.


they gave me a bunch of reasons that 
they had decided to do this....
but this was the first time i had heard of any problems,
as i explained to them,
if you were unhappy with my work 
surely telling me so i could do a better job.

To make matters worse i found out this information
from my assisstant, 
(who forwarded me the updated schedule
which she had been given a month previously...
reason that i hadnt been given it was because my name wasnt on it.)
and eventually got the boss to contact me...
via text message.

Well, it knocked back my confidence a lot...
i wondered what i had done wrong.
How could i go from thinking i was doing a fairly good job 
(does anyone actually think they're doing a good job when they teach?)
to being unemployable....was i really that bad?

I negotiated some work till the end of the month 
to give me time to find new work.
But i'd lost my footing and was second-questioning my every class.

Then i went in and assissted a new girl that they had brought in 
to take over one of my classes.
and from the second the class started i realised she 
was a terrible teacher, and i'm
fairly sure had blagged her way into the job.

And i thought to myself,
i've got stuck in the middle of some, 'office politics'
and somehow pulled the short straw.

And starting next week i've got myself a new job.
That i'm really excited about,
at a high calibre school here in London and i'm excited
about working with the school as the Director is quite
inspirational to me...
and i think its going to be a better fit to my style of teaching.

So here's to fresh starts.....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Being Married

The other day someone made the comment to me 
that they didnt feel like they were married even though they
had been married a year.

And i defended it saying that being married to me has made such a huge
difference in our relationship.

Somehow i feel like a different person.
I feel like Mrs Reid.
not Miss anything.

It didnt happen over night,
i didnt wake up the morning after wedding and feel 
everything had changed.

I guess its a bit like birthdays,
you change age over night,
but gradually over the year you realise that you have developed
and changed and no longer are the person you were a year ago.

Everything just feels more solid now.
Before if he annoyed me
i always had the option to say,
actually you bug me, 'goodbye'
but now i have to think to myself,
this is forever,
is this something that i'm going to give on
or is this something that is too important and i need to take on.

give and take,

it started out a bit like that,
but at the moment it feels like
we're on the same path,
sometimes i feel i know him better than he knows himself,
sometimes i realise he knows me better than i know myself,

little things still surprise me,
things i didn't know about him
(he says i didnt ask....
i say why would i out and out ask you 
if you worked in a cowboy rodeo before?)

some people think that marriage is just a piece of paper,
something legal incase at one point you need to divide up your assets.
its so much more.

i cry a lot more at movies,
especially war films,
i think to myself,
imagine if that were husband...
in Saving Private Ryan one of the guys in the background
got blown up and i noticed he was wearing a wedding ring....
oh dear....
i didnt stop.

i love it when we are around other people
and i get to show him off.
'this is my husband'
and if i can see that they dont quite
see how fabulous he is
i pity them 
and secretly smile at what i know i have
and they are missing out on.

where did this mushy post come from.

Dont worry,
i've got loads of actual interesting stuff to write about at some point.

like my trip to the Caribbean,
trekking through bat poo,
fooling some poor real estate agent into 
taking us around as we were considering buying our own private desert island....

Friday, January 10, 2014

Unproductively Productive....

So i rather productivley made myself a work website this evening.
Suprisingly it didnt take that long, only a couple of hours
and for so little effort i'm pretty impressed with myself...

check it out

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My man....

This is my husband...


my very own superhero

and i miss him,
and leaving him behind after 15 days together 
not knowing when we'll meet again
makes me sad.

Coming back to London,
a place that never feels like home to me
makes it even harder.

Being messed around by your work
so that you've got from being
part time employed
to virtually unemployed
makes it sucky.

But he reminds me 
that our future is bright,
he reminds me that the time apart is important
for our future time together.
and he reminds me that this
was my own decision
and i can change it at any time.

sometimes i wonder.....