Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life gets in the way.....

been in blogging limbo.

Its not that nothing has been happening,
in fact a lot has been happening.

Long story short but whilst i was away having a lovely 
holiday with husband a few work emails
came in that gave me a distinctly bad feeling that
things weren't going good.
(it spoiled my Christmas a little)
and in fact after arriving back in the country and
calling my boss everyday (to no avail),
it eventually turned out
that they had decided to give my job back to the
girl who i had taken over from
and effectively unemploy me.


they gave me a bunch of reasons that 
they had decided to do this....
but this was the first time i had heard of any problems,
as i explained to them,
if you were unhappy with my work 
surely telling me so i could do a better job.

To make matters worse i found out this information
from my assisstant, 
(who forwarded me the updated schedule
which she had been given a month previously...
reason that i hadnt been given it was because my name wasnt on it.)
and eventually got the boss to contact me...
via text message.

Well, it knocked back my confidence a lot...
i wondered what i had done wrong.
How could i go from thinking i was doing a fairly good job 
(does anyone actually think they're doing a good job when they teach?)
to being unemployable....was i really that bad?

I negotiated some work till the end of the month 
to give me time to find new work.
But i'd lost my footing and was second-questioning my every class.

Then i went in and assissted a new girl that they had brought in 
to take over one of my classes.
and from the second the class started i realised she 
was a terrible teacher, and i'm
fairly sure had blagged her way into the job.

And i thought to myself,
i've got stuck in the middle of some, 'office politics'
and somehow pulled the short straw.

And starting next week i've got myself a new job.
That i'm really excited about,
at a high calibre school here in London and i'm excited
about working with the school as the Director is quite
inspirational to me...
and i think its going to be a better fit to my style of teaching.

So here's to fresh starts.....

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