Monday, September 26, 2011


In Egypt,
A litre of Petrol (Gas)
and a litre bottle of water

are roughly the same price.....

Sunday, September 25, 2011


(me with Amy a long time ago)

So this is one of those thing that i shouldnt admit,
but last night i found myself missing my doll.

Dont get me wrong,
i'm fairly sure that i'm a all-rounded normal 26 year old,
but yes,
last night i was thinking about my doll Amy.

I've had Amy since i was knee high to a grass hopper,
and when i go home for the summer i pull her out of storage
(ie. a black bag in a cupboard in the house)
and like to have her in my bed with me.

i dont know,
does this make me odd?
Perhaps it does...

but then again being called odd
is not unfamiliar territory.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cairo LIfe....

To be honest,
i dont feel particularly inspired to write very much right now,
even when i grasp a small amount of internet time,
no interesting things appear in my thoughts to blog about and i think....
next time....

My days seem monotonous at the moment.
Each day like every other,
i can barely tell them apart.

On the other hand
the other day as i walked to the Metro
i saw a naked baby walking down the street,
(by walking, i'm meaning the balancing wobble
that a very new walker is so proud to show),

i looked around slighty to see if i
could see any parents....
.and walked on by.

Perhaps this makes me sound cruel and heartless.
Perhaps i am.

If i were in the Uk i would not walk on by...
i would pick up the baby,
franticly look for parents and contact the police.

But this is not the Uk,
and this is not Europe,
and the sight of a naked baby walking down the street does
not encourage anyone to bat an extra eye.

Life here is different....
perhaps these are things that i should write about
in the midst of my monotony.

Monday, September 19, 2011

not quite dead...

My blog has not died....well not completely....

I'm working on getting an interent connection up

and running in my apartment.

Most days i'm calling up my landlord telling him

that the connection is still not existent.

He sends round some little man who does something...

but whatever that something is it does not manage

to connect me to the world wide web.

I've got to the point where i hate the sound of my own voice as

i call him up and winge once again that whatever its

is the little man did this time its was still unsuccessful.

Today he implanted to large very ugly cable

that connects from outside my window....

through my bedroom to the living room....

they are just hanging there connecting to nothing

(well probasbly to something but def not to the internet),

looking ugly, and obstructing my ability to

close my window any doors in the apartment....

i'm thinking i should take the high ground and

pretend that i can live without the interent.

but it would be a lie

i cannot

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer....

So somehow at my sisters wedding
i managed to stumble into the role of self head caterer.

Boy oh boy, it was tiring.
Running around like a headless chicken trying
to make sure everyone was well fed
(some of the werent but lets not mention that)

But best part was i finally got to wear my new dress,
me likey,
i'm just glad that i'm not a famous celebrity who only get to wear outfits once or the paparazzi are all over you.

Now i just need to someone else to get married so i can wear it again....


Turkey : Finish up....

I'm back in Cairo and internetless.

Was sick sick sick,
my last week in Scotland and then
busy busy busy
for my Sisters wedding.

just thought i'd stick up a wee round up of the last few days
in Turkey rather than dragging it out even more!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Turkey : Disco Shower

Oh yes,
The Disco Shower
which is getting its very own post.

Whilst turning up at some tiny little town
looking for a hotel to stay at,
we walked into the reception we got an exceedingly warm welcome.

'Do you have any rooms?'
'Aha! yes, yes, yes, come with me i have
something very exciting to show you'"

He is acting very excited
about his something exciting.
We are intrigued.

He takes us to a fairly average room.
we try to think of polite things to say.

you do not see exciting thing look....."

and he swings open the bathroom door
and proudly shows us
The Disco Shower.

"Is Disco Shower, is so much fun!"
he pushes some buttons,
and flashing lights come on, music starts
to blast surround sound.
He explains to us the multi functional ways
in which it can spritz its Disco Shower Water.

The bathroom is completed with a mini Disco-Ball lampshade.

And as i giggle
and laugh
and test out The Disco Shower,
he knows he has us hook line and sinker,
we are Disco Shower people,
and we will look no further.

And was it worth it?

let me tell you
when Michael Jacksons Beat It
came on during my Shampooing,

the answer is an astounding

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Turkey : The Aegean

After Troy we drove down the coast and stopped at Assos,
which had been recommended to us by our waitress the night before.

(can i just mention at the this point that the Turks are some
of the friendliest people i've ever met)

What an amazing view that place had of the Aegean.

And then onwards we went,
not before taking a beach break to sit
and feel the breeze whilst reading my book.

originally i was up for a swim,
but forsook it for a paddle,
leaving the Swim up toCaptain Tim.

What can i say The Aegean was not quite up
to my required swimming temperatures.