Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Adventures....

So heading off to Egypt on Saturday morning...
Feeling scared,
not knowing what to expect
but at the same time looking forward to new adventures.
I have of course been doing plenty of research,
namely watching The Mummy Trilogy
and James Bond movie which is set in Cairo.
whether its going to be chasing after mummies
or just trying to find an apartment...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My kind of movie....

A horror movie starring Natalie Portman as a ballerina.

Cant wait!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Geek chic?


My little brother Elliott whilst playing on the wii just turned to me and asked, 'does getting strikes every time making me amazing or just a geek'

i automatically told him it made him amazing.

Then i stopped and thought and told him
i also thought that it made him a geek.

But that being a geek is a good thing,
it means that you have pracitised really hard
and become really good at something.

My family often refer to me as The Geek,
perhaps for having odd interests in some things
or for being a bit of a bookworm.
At any rate i take it as a compliment.

Elliott has just turned to me and told me that
he is going to try to become the geek in his class at school.

Oh dear....
have i just inadverntantly ruined his school life?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

People often wonder why i'm a little bit abnormal...

Could it possibly be because i was brought up in Edinburgh
where for one month of the year everyone goes crazy
and does what ever they want
and its accepted as the norm?....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you like a ukulele lady....

On friday whilst waiting at the bus stop i noted that the
music shop next to it was having 'Ukulele Day' the following day.

Boy oh boy was i excited!

So Saturday morning after having rounded up two of my sisters
with an equal amount of excitement,
we headed in for our free 'learn-to-play-the-ukulele-workshop'
given by Steven Sproat.

It was oodles of fun and i think he was equally happy
to have a such an enthusiastic audience.

Well anyhows, i asked the music shop if they will post me a
ukulele out to Cairo once i find somewhere to live
(fingers crossed that doesnt take too long)
and they are going to be happy to oblige.

i am now counting down the days till i can sit and strum away on my ukulele
and one day be able to play just a little bit like Steven (watch him here)

but please understand this might take a long while
as i'm sure that i have no musical talent whatsoever. ...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free fun at the Edinburgh Festival...

I love Edinburgh in the festival.
It is full to the brim and full of fun.
I especially like trying to find my way around the free events.

I came across a wonderful little free stand-up comedy show that i saw yesterday
and i'm going to recommend it to anyone who my happen upon Edinburgh any time soon.
It was hilarious and at the same time good clean humour, which is so hard to come across now-a-days especially in stand-up comedy.

The comedian, a self-confessed collector of odd objects such as family photos of people he has never met, came across in a junk shop a box full of love letters all sent to the mysterious teenager named Cathy G spanning the decade of the 60's, from numerous boys who have fallen in love with her.

The letters range from a french boy who spells out,
'i love you Cathy', in kisses,
to stories of the horror of having to go on father-daughter dates
where the nun's forced them to do the polka to, off-hand comments that the writer had just seen Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens in concert and it was, 'alright'.

Wedding Anniversary.....

No, not mine!
My Mumsy and Popsicle had their 28th Wedding Anniversary last week.
Unfortunately my Pop has just left for a job in Qatar for a year.

So via Skype he arranged with some of his Little Girlies to take my Mumsicle out to her favourite restaurant.

Here is my lovely Mumsy.
A strong woman, coping by herself looking after lots of little boys whilst my Pop is away.
Its not the first time, she has done it before....but i'm sure that its never fun.

I cant remember the name of the restaurant....isnt that awful.
It was a lovely little Italian place owned by one of our neighbours.

They had very good service....
This is a picture of me being carried to look at the desserts.

Natalie looks in wonder at her penguin ice-cream holder....
It was delicious, and we had a lovely girlie night.
and for some reason the Proprietor also decided to brand my sister Meghan...
and give her a quick kiss....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where in the world?

it could only be

(aka Edinburgh)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday thought.....

'Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to understanding about ourselves.'

Carl Gustav Jung

(this post has a picture of Lady Gaga as its the first thought that popped into my head when i was thinking of what irritates me....)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday i went to the doctors to get some injections for my up-coming move to Egypt.

Now lets just say i have a thing about needles.
Yeah, yeah, i know that when i say that to people they all say, 'yeah me too!'

But i really mean it.

I hyperventilate, scream, cry, kick....
I warn doctors/nurses in advance and they take it in their stride.....
little do they know...

Yesterday i pretty much screamed the clinic down.
Every doctor came into see what the 'emergency' was.

And the nurse (whom i had forewarned) told me that next year i need to come in again for a booster, and would i tell her in advance so she can book that day off.

And yes i was told i was the worst that they had ever come across...
needles to say that's not the first time i've won this trophie.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Come play a game with me...

I spy with my little eye....

a trip with my buddy buddy Steven to Camden Lock in London Town.

I spy with my little eye...
lots of bright coloured shops with lots of happy shoppers.....

and a tradtitional Camden Punk.....

I spy with my little eye...
a trip to the re-furbished Antiques Horse Market....

with lots of vintage goodies....

and lovely Kylie Minogue 90's jumpers that i wish fitted me.

I spy with my little eye...
a trip to the British Library
(why have i never been here before?)

with an interesting exhibition on maps through the ages...
and 'standing chairs'.

I spy with my little eye....
an original Alice In Wonderland with illustrations by Salvador Dali....

Five copies of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
from the 1500's each with different endings.

Thanks for playing!