Monday, December 31, 2012

Are we losers?

It;s New Years Eve,
my husband and i only realised this this morning.

We had lots of plans of things we were going to do,
but we are both currently sitting in the same room
staring at our respective laptops with our headphones in.
Very Anti-social.

So i asked him...
'Are we losers?
shouldnt we up and about doing something cool?'

To which he replied that we had
-swum with turtles in the ocean yesterday
-driven a three day road trip (there and back)
-had a family reunion after a gap of 7 years with my aussie side 
-seen koalas and kangaroos
-swum in the ocean multiple times
-swum in the outdoor pool multiple times
-driven to some national parks

and much much more,
all in the last week

i guess that makes us a little bit cool...
I guess we are allowed a day to laze in our pj's
and go to bed early
even if it is new years eve...

(some more wedding piccys...just because)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What its like to be a mermaid....

The house we are staying in has its on private beach cove.

I hear the waves all day and all night long.
The sound of them against the shore soothes me.

Today as i walked hand in hand with my husband 
with my feet in the lapping waves
and the sand between my toes
and silently watching the white waves 
cresting against the rocks.

I thought to myself this is what it felt like
for Ariel as she walked on the sand with her man.

And i can tell you,
its a lovely feeling.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Boaty boaty...

This is a sweet video that
one of the crew on the boat made of our last little trips.

Check it out!!!!!

It's not so much where you're going, but more how you get there. from Grant Borthwick on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I was on facebook the other day
and it suddenly hit me looking at a lot of my friends posts,
that this year i am not doing Nutcracker.

They are all in the midst of the annually 
and this year,
for the first time in about 10years
i am Nutcracker free.

And how does that make me feel...
it makes me feel just dandy actually.
it took me until nearly the end of the month to even notice!

and if i look back to this time last year the emotional 

and the physical

i just dont miss that at all.

I miss being in the theatre a bit with friends,
but i dont miss the politcs or pain.
In fact as i mentioned before
all i really miss is the physicality of it,
not the lifestyle at all.

last few nights i had real trouble sleeping,
i ended up watching this documentary
about the English National Ballet.

it gives such a real insight into studio life.

thats the first part 
you can find the other two on youtube as well.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I managed to get out of the house the other day and finally go into Sydney!
We had a lovely day. We sat outside the Opera House
and had some drinks with a great view of both the Opera House and
the Bridge.
Still bummed that i havent managed to get tickets to watch the ballet,
but i guess i'll just have to come back here again sometime!

The Opera House is just next to the Royal Botanical Gardens.
Its a lovely walk with lots of exotic birds....
well i find them exotic...
i keep taking pictures of parrots and cockatoo's
that just fly around outside the house.
to the aussies its all just normal.
The gardens are a lovely walk, you dont feel like your in a big city
at all.

We then went to the National Library wherre they have an exhibt
on the Australian National Ballet as it is their
50th anniversary.
I enjoyed it, and even Tim didnt find it too painful.

I was planning on heading back into the city today,
but had to turn back.
I've got an infection at the moment
that i needed to go back to the hospital for yesterday.
I've spent most of this trip being ill....
its very depressing, one thing after another.
I've barely got to do or see anything.
At the hospital yesterday we did another scan on my lung and its still not
fully functioning.
Which is a huge bummer as now it really means we are going to have to buy
new flights home....
I was also  hoping to get some ballet classes in whilst we were here
Sydney looks like it has a bunch of awesome ballet classes,
but instead i've been confined to the bedroom.
Fingers crossed i'm going to feel well enough to
go to the Koala Sanctuary tomorrow!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Official Wedding Photos!

Our wedding photos are coming in
and we LOOOVVVEEEE them!!!!!
AFter Christmas i'll share a few more!
thanks Meghan!!!
(i think she might have a proper page but i dont know it!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Oz is awesome....
Well the little i've seen of it.
After a week of being here, staying at a friends house right on a beautiful beach,
i managed to hospitalise myself with a collapsed lung....
I woke up one morrning with a pain in my back,
thinking i'd pulled a muscle, but it quickly
sprread to my chest and difficultty breathing.
I thought i had had a heart attack!
My husband thought i was being dramatic,
but after about 8 hours of nagging i finally got him to take me to the ER.
When the doctor came through to give us the diagnosis
of a pneumothorax both of us started laughing....
as Tim was sure i was just being a big baby!
Unfortunately we will have to wait to see
when i will be allowed to get on an airplane again....
my trip could be extended....
At any rate
I can give the Australian healthcare system 2 thumbs up!
So i've spent the last week in bed recovering,
its not quite healed but i got the all clear to start tourising again.
We headed into Sydney yesterday which was lovely.
I'm pretty bummed though that Swan Lake is playing at the Opera House
and the tickets were sold out months in advance.
The guy actually laughed at me when i tried to buy tickets
(i told him he was rude!)
Blogging is going to be slow and far between for the next little while,
seeing as i'm computerless.
(all pictures taken whilst i still had two working lungs)