Thursday, December 20, 2012


I was on facebook the other day
and it suddenly hit me looking at a lot of my friends posts,
that this year i am not doing Nutcracker.

They are all in the midst of the annually 
and this year,
for the first time in about 10years
i am Nutcracker free.

And how does that make me feel...
it makes me feel just dandy actually.
it took me until nearly the end of the month to even notice!

and if i look back to this time last year the emotional 

and the physical

i just dont miss that at all.

I miss being in the theatre a bit with friends,
but i dont miss the politcs or pain.
In fact as i mentioned before
all i really miss is the physicality of it,
not the lifestyle at all.

last few nights i had real trouble sleeping,
i ended up watching this documentary
about the English National Ballet.

it gives such a real insight into studio life.

thats the first part 
you can find the other two on youtube as well.

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