Monday, December 31, 2012

Are we losers?

It;s New Years Eve,
my husband and i only realised this this morning.

We had lots of plans of things we were going to do,
but we are both currently sitting in the same room
staring at our respective laptops with our headphones in.
Very Anti-social.

So i asked him...
'Are we losers?
shouldnt we up and about doing something cool?'

To which he replied that we had
-swum with turtles in the ocean yesterday
-driven a three day road trip (there and back)
-had a family reunion after a gap of 7 years with my aussie side 
-seen koalas and kangaroos
-swum in the ocean multiple times
-swum in the outdoor pool multiple times
-driven to some national parks

and much much more,
all in the last week

i guess that makes us a little bit cool...
I guess we are allowed a day to laze in our pj's
and go to bed early
even if it is new years eve...

(some more wedding piccys...just because)


  1. I think I'm going to agree with your hubby on this one. It sounds like you've had some pretty sweet adventures to prove you are indeed, not losers.

  2. That sounds like serious fun! Swimming with turtles- amazing! .. How much am I loving your wedding pictures!!! xx