Monday, November 18, 2013

Charlie Chaplin.....

Have you ever watched a Charlie Chaplin movie?
I watched Modern Times today....
its a really beautiful movie.
almost like watching a ballet,
everything is so perfectly choreographed.

And how did silent movie star express themselves
with out words, a bit through facial expression,
its much more through movement and body language
and timing with music.

Charlie Chaplin is an amazing and nimble dancer 
if you ask me....

Friday, November 15, 2013

London Wedding photographer....

My sister Meghan who did our wedding photos
has a new website up and running,

check it out if you know anyone who might be needing some pretty
picture any time soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh London.....

as i walked down the gloomy street yesterday to work

this little tune popped up on my itunes,
and it felt so true...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Friends and old.....

i've been living in London for a while now
and actually know a lot of people living here in London,
but havent managed to get round to meeting up with them yet.

So i thought i'd use my birthday as a chance to
get together with old school friends and work colleagues
who i havent seen in a long (long long) time.

So i invited them...

and well, none of them came!

(It was a monday night to be fair)

but here's the thing i had an awesome birthday anyway,
after inviting all these old friends
i thought i'd invite a few people who i dont know so well 
but would like to get to know better.
So i invited a girl i work with and some friends from church to come along,
and they all came.
So along with them, my two sisters and one of my oldest friends
i had a really good time.

I dont know what this says about me,
that maybe once you get to know me you 
might start avoiding me!
lets hope not!

i also got a satellite phone call from husband
from the Amazon Delta,
and he made sure that my sister bought me some flowers 
from him....
those little thoughts from him made my day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Goals....

so yesterday was my bithday.
i turned the ripe old age of 29.

Its funny for so many years 30 was the oldest age for me.
I had all these ideas of things that I should have achieved by the time i was 30
(and to be honest not a lot of goals for after that as 30 seemed for ever away)

Well here i am at 29 getting closer to 30
and if i think about all those things i wanted to achieve and
do i would say that right now i am the most content
i've been in a long while on a birthday
on striving towards those goals.

i always thought that 30 was a good time to stop dancing,
to start looking for a career change,
i never wanted to be one of those dancers who didnt know how
to leave the studio and ended up wasting away in it.

so i jumped on the band wagon a little early on that goal,
but hey tick anyway!

I'm on my way to a new career, and 
very muchly enjoying it.

I always figured i should be married by the time i was thirty,

and i always thought 30 would be a good age to start having children at,
so i've got some time to start fulfilling that briefing....

Friday, November 8, 2013

Holidays with husband.....

So last week i flew out to visit husband in Brazil,
due to a rather expensive mix up on where we
were going to meet up i ended up spending a day in 
Rio de Janerio by myself before flying another 12 hours to meet 
husband in Fernando de Noronha.

Firstly Rio,

Rio was awesome.
As i only had a day there i booked myself into a day tour
which just made my life a whole lot easier and
got to see a lot more than if i was trying to find my wa around myself.

Funnily enough my tour guide had just been to Edinburgh so 
as i was standing in front of The Infamous Christ Redeemer stature
he whipped out his camera and was showing me pictures of
him in front of Edinburgh Castle.

It made me smile, 
we go half way around the world and forget that
what we have on our own front door is a marvel to those who dont see it everyday.

Then onto Fernando De Noronha.
For anyone not in the know Fenrnado is a small
(very small) island off the coast of Brazil.
It is registered as a world heritage sites
which means that it has a lot of eco-protection....
it also makes it very expensive....

But it also makes it virtually tourist free,
they only let 400 people arrive on the island a day
and for every day that you are there you have to pay an environment tax.

It was a couple of run down  villages and a lot of beautiful and empty beaches.

Dolphins and turtles to swim with 
(okay, so its illegal to swim with the dolphins intentionally 
but it was amazing to be swimming in the water
and hearing their calls resounding through it,
knowing that they are so near by)

Husband and i went on an epic adventure one day.
Swimming and climbing around half the coast of the island.

First we did a 20 minute swim from the boat to the beach,
which consisted of passing some rocks which i liked to call the 'Bone Grinder'....
Why the Bone Grinder you may ask....
well because there is some weird anomaly there where the sea gets pushed through some hole in the 
rocks and makes it sound like its grinding bones...
yes not my favourite part to swim past....
Then as we were almost at the shore husband turns to me and says,
'okay honey now you have to body surf in'
'just catch the wave...'
and i llok behind me and sure enough this giant wave is coming towards us.
he pushes me along into it and i get thrown a very long way to the shore...
He had failed to mention previously that this was the only way to get to the shore.

We then did some rather crazy 'walking' trying to get around the headlands for each beach.
Barefoot and in a bikini, we climbed over very very hot black
spikey rocks, (i swear steam came off them when they hit water again)
there was climbing up and down vertical rocks...
in fact on the way back at one point i was sure we had gone a different route as there was no way i 
would have climbed down such a cliff,
half way up i remembered i had.

There attempts to get back through the waves 
into swimming which mainly ended up with me being bashed 
around in rocks and husband trying to catch me.
And then to finish it all off at the end of the day
we miscalculated our timing and ended up swimming
back to the boat in the pitch black with the current pushing us out to sea
(something husband didnt tell me was happening till after we were safe and
sound back on the boat)
There was awesome food,
let me tell you this Tapioca pancakes are amazing!
and fresh picked coconut drinks never cease to amaze me!
But most of all there was husband.
Anyone who knows me would tell you that i'm
not the kind of girl who does crazy night swims
or barefoot free-climbing ,
but put my Husband at my side and I feel like I can do anything.