Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Beach!!!!!

I left london just as the same started 
coming out after spending a week there in the rain.

I'm now down in Dorset 
with my lovely fiancee
learning knots and my way around the boat.

That doesnt meant i didnt have time to make a quick visit to
Bournemouth pier and beach.

Tim wasnt keen on me asking the life guard for a picture with him
so i managed to persuade him to get one with him walking in the background.

and then it was back to the boat....

Monday, July 23, 2012


 I've always said that i wanted a Carousel at my wedding,
turns out it cost £3000 to rent one for a day.
i know cause i checked.
and although it would be fun,
it would not be practical (ok ok...i mean affordable, who cares about practical!)

Last weekend i met one of my lovely Bridesmaids Sarah 
(who i havent been in about 3 years)
and we went round a little Vintage Fete that was going on in her area of London,
where i found some lovely Antique table decorations for the wedding.

And she also surprised me with a Carousel.
Tim is glad that i've got it 'out of my system' was just so dang fun!
We were the only people over the age of 8 on it!

There was also a Helter Skleter, but the clouds opened
and it rained a bit so we headed to somewhere to sit down and have a natter.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Star Wars Ballet....

Just came across this on the Tube of Yous.

Aside from always wanting to have danced the role of Juliet,
i now have a new role i wish i could have danced.
I wish i could have danced to an orchestra conducted by John Williams playing the Star Wars Theme.

To be fair, the dancers/story/choreography isnt all that imaginative in this video...
but its still AWESOME!

London Life....

I'm still in London.
dont know what i've done with my camera....

Here's a few things that i've been up to lately....

Gone to an antiques market...ended up knee deep in mud so it felt a bit like a cool music festival,
even though i was walking around looking at old stuff.

Gone out to re-buy wedding dress material...
again and again and again....
it breaks my heart a little bit everytime

sat on friday night and took the whole dress apart...

went to see Singing In The Rain at the theatre...
amazeballs, but i missed Gene one can replace him.

hung out with my a couple of my bridesmaids,
one who i havent seen in years,
its so lovely when it feels like we saw each other yesterday....

had a wedding  'make-up' test with one of my bridesmaids,
turns out i know nothing about make-up,
putting on mascara in the morning and 
always forgetting to take it off doesnt count.

Sung in the rain.

Went to Alan Herdman Pilates Studio
 to enquire into their PilatesTeaching Course,
me likey.

Spent a heck of a lot of money.

Shopped a heck of a lot 
(those two may be related)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Bling Bling take 2.....

So i finally picked an Engagement ring...
I took my sisters Meghan and Bryony to an antique shop in Angel, London
and there it was.

They were quite pleased that they only had to go to one shop...
thats because Tim had already done the leg work back in May
when i dragged him round every ring shop in Edinburgh.

But this time i had a clearer picture of what i wanted,
and there it was.

And its 

Tim made me promise to keep in the box until he could officially give it to me.
So i've been sneaking peaks at it for the last couple of days
and trying it on 'just for a second'

But today he finally came to London,
and within seconds i had produced the ring and made him re-propose.
The answer is still yes.

Then we went to check out Fossils at the 
Natural History Museum,
because Tim loves old fossils.

And now he is off again, 
fingers crossed i'll spend more time with him next week.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Shoes that Fit....

Well, hanging up my ballet shoes didnt last all that long...
being in London i popped into the famous Pineapple studios to do a ballet class.

I t took me back to those days when i used frequent the studios here daily when i was living in London and looking for wrok and auditioning.
Back then it was a drag....a thing i had to do to survive.
 Now it was purely for pleasure.
Looking around all those young fresh-out-of-ballet-school girls
 i didnt envy them one bit.

But i did enjoy myself.
i've struggled for the last couple of years to enjoy the ballet classes in Egypt
 because the Russian Style of the classes was just so far from my roots and my training,
 and so it felt a bit like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes today....
it fitted much better.

(i think the shoe reference is coming from the fact that i got blisters from wearing a pair of new shoes whilst walking around London today....they were too small, and OOOWWWYYY!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

London Baby!!!!

I'm in London.
Its cold and rainy,
i had to go out and buy myself some trousers and a pair of shoes that weren't sandals.
But i LOVE it, 
been living in a drought for too long now.

Hung out with 2 of my London Sisters today,
and i'm soooooo excited because i bought an Engagment Ring today.
(more on that later)
I also bought myself a honeymoon dress....which is basically a mini-wedding dress...
ummm maybe cause i'm an over-excitable Bride-To-Be...

Monday, July 9, 2012


For so much of my life the Ballet Studio has been my home.

As i pack up my suitcases now, 
and finish my last performances,
i think of my new home.
Another Suitcase, Another Hall....
So what Happens now?

This song by one of my favourite artists sums it up,
(i couldnt find a better quality video)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some (long) Thoughts on Egypt....

(sorry this turned out to be a really long post, i guess i'm just getting some things of my chest)

I havent really written so much about the political situation here in cairo at the moment,
mainly because i dont think i'm the most informed person to be writing about those kind of things.

I can write a little bit, but its purely my personal opinion and how things here have affected me.

To be honest i'm just tired of it all...
its not my fight and i'm stuck in the middle of tensions that i have no emotional connection to.

I understand the people trying to fight for a better life, 
there are so many people here who probably dont even fully comprehend just how much better their lives could be with a government that put its peoples needs first rather than their own, 
but at the same time i believe that
 'Charity begins at Home'.

How can you expect the leaders of your country to be
 honest, sensible, peaceful, trustworthy people, 
if you yourself are not these things.
(i'm sorry that i am incredibly generalising)
but let me say this....
in my time here as a blonde haired, blue-eyed foreigner i can tell you that on a DAILY basis, 
i am harrased in the streets as i walk down them - 
people staring at me,
 shouting at me,
 taking pictures of me,
 (of course there also the people who just want to say hello and be friendly too, again on a daily basis)

I am scammed by people who think that because 
i am a foreigner they can charge me sometimes as much as 200% the regular selling price....
(this is understandable as most foreigners in this country probably
 do earn a lot more than the average Egyptian but i myself am on
 an Egyptian salary and nobody believes me when i try and explain this to them!)

Egyptians have a short temper, 
and the common way to treat each other is to yell and scream to get things done, 
often resorting to fisticuffs. 
I once asked my friend why he punched the boy who was sitting next to him. 
'He just made me so angry,' he said, 'and punching him made me feel better about it'. 
I said to him, 'the ability to control our anger is what makes us better than the animals'.
 He replied to me that he had never thought about it like that before, 
and no one had ever told him it was wrong to react in such away.

And so i say again, 
if you expect the people who lead your country to be the best examples of you, than you have to improve yourself. Improve how you treat your fellow men. 

Since the Revolution there have been many protests,
sometimes tension filled - sometimes not.
 i rarely call in sick to work, but i do occasionally call in scared!

In general though there has not been a lot to worry about, 
the problems have been incredibly localised.

But just a couple of days ago whilst travelling home after
 a dress rehearsal with a friend on the Metro as a man went to exit the train, 
he purposely pushed his body up against mine and grabbed my ass to cop a feel. 

This was not the first time this has happened, 
but it has been happening on a more frequent basis. 
Most of the time i'm left absolutely helpless, and to be honest it makes me feel incredibly violated. 

I know it may sound a bit funny that someone grabbing my ass makes me feel violated, 
but please trust me  in telling you that it does.
 Men stare at me, they openly push themselves up against me,
 they grab my ass as i walk down the street,
 they walk behind me - following me all the time telling me how much
 they want to f**k me whilst i pretend not to hear....
and i can tell you that the constant daily strain of it wears you down. 
It makes you feel less than human,
 it makes you feel like an object that it is okay to treat like that, 
no better than they would treat a dog.

So the other night when it happened to me (again) on the Metro, 
i totally wigged out, 
i went crazy ass nuts on the guy, screaming and shouting proper Egyptian Style.
 And he of course did what they all do, throw their hands up in the air in the 'i surrender' pose and shake their heads claiming that they didnt do anything
 (sometimes when they do this i begin to doubt myself but this time i clearly saw what he did)
and then i broke down in tears and just kept
 repeating how i couldnt do this any more,
 this life here is too hard.

When i got off the train at the next stop,
 a few people who had been on my carriage came and apologised to me for what had happened. 
And i can tell you that this is something that happens often too. 
When they see something happen that shouldn't have, 
Egyptians will come up to you and say sorry, even though it was not their fault. 
They say sorry on behalf of their country,
 and they say sorry because they know as well as i do there is nothing either of us can do about it....

I guess i broke down so badly this time because i see an end in sight, 
and i dont need to keep myself toughened up any more.

Then yesterday  i heard that Principal male dancer from the company
 had been at a shopping mall with his friend, and was in the car park 
and him and his friend were held up by gunpoint by four armed assailants.
 As he ran to get help from some nearby security guards they shot at him and the bullet went through his femur breaking the bone in two. 
With the healthcare system the way it is here in Cairo
his chance for a full recovery and to be back on stage again any time soon are very slim.

So Egypt, 
its been an experience, and i think one that i wouldnt change for the world, 
but also one i wouldnt particularly recommend to anyone.

Life here is so different, 
and my eyes and my mind have been opened in a way that holidaying here, 
or reading about things on the news would never have made me understand.