Monday, July 23, 2012


 I've always said that i wanted a Carousel at my wedding,
turns out it cost £3000 to rent one for a day.
i know cause i checked.
and although it would be fun,
it would not be practical (ok ok...i mean affordable, who cares about practical!)

Last weekend i met one of my lovely Bridesmaids Sarah 
(who i havent been in about 3 years)
and we went round a little Vintage Fete that was going on in her area of London,
where i found some lovely Antique table decorations for the wedding.

And she also surprised me with a Carousel.
Tim is glad that i've got it 'out of my system' was just so dang fun!
We were the only people over the age of 8 on it!

There was also a Helter Skleter, but the clouds opened
and it rained a bit so we headed to somewhere to sit down and have a natter.

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