Wednesday, May 29, 2013

London life....

arrived in London a couple of days ago and 
Its already rained,
 a lot...

I dont particularly have fond memories
of my previous stay in London
(nearly 2 years)
but at the time i was an unemployed destitute ballerina,
so hopefully things will be a bit different now.

I've been busy getting things sorted,
apartment - i'm living with my sisters so not too scary

moving and unpacking - getting everything out of storage,
after having limited space on the boat i feel like i have so many possessions now!

Getting a phone - i have been phoneless for the past year,
to be honest its been kind of liberating, having the smart phone in my pocket now i'm 
always wondering what messages i've been sent and checking and rechecking,
rather than just walking down a street or sitting at a table and enjoying the scenery.

paperwork - BLah!!!!

starting my dance teachers course on monday....!!!!!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Goodbye Mallorca, Goodbye husband...

we're heading back to the uk today,
Husbands cousin is getting married at the weekend
and after that he's taking me to London to settle me in at my new house.

(haha settle me in....i'm living with my sisters,
its not like its going to be all that scary!)

This will be the first time i've lived in the UK for nearly 8 years.

Funny isnt it,
where does the time go?
I've really enjoyed all my travels and really am only heading back for
practicality reasons. I could just keep on going to see you new places.

Husband will still be travelling,
to even more exciting places 
(the caribean, brazil...)

I'm desperately praying and
crossing my fingers that
i will be able to go and meet him
somewhere during the year
but to be honest his schedule changes with the wind

i know it sounds soppy 
but without him i'm only half of who i really am.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding fun in every place...

Mallorca is never a place i have wanted to go to.
in my head i have pictures of British tourist packaged holidays
and fresh out of school teenagers at Magaluf.
and yes that part of Mallorca exists, but only if you want it to.

Palma is lovely.
It has loads of fantastic restaurants,
in fact i dont think we've eaten anywhere that wasnt less than great!

We've had a few visitors come to see us and
its so easy to take them around and show them the beautiful city,
its also so easy to take them around and show them the
beautiful country side.

Here are some highlights of my two months here in pictures.

These are near Alaro,
we were recommended by a friend to a place 
infamously called 'The Lamb Restaurant' 

Its right in the middle of a large mountain, 
we hiked up and by the time we got there we were starving!
And let me tell you that
this lamb is exquisite! 

And what a view!

These are from when my grandparents came to visit.
It was great to have them around,
they have such different personalities!

We took them on the touristy train to Soller.
It was an expensive trip
but a nice experience.

and then there is the Cathedral in Palma,
which i guess is the main attraction here

After the grandparents came the in-Laws

we took them to the Caves of Drach.
Husband was complaining about going to the caves,
(he hates going places that are too touristy)
but even he was quite impressed,
even though we have been to see a lot of caves recently!!!

Although Mallorca is a place that would never have been 
put on my travel wish list,
i'm glad that i got to spend some time here
and would definitely recommend a mini holiday here to anyone!

In many ways it reminds me of Slovenia
(which i will admit will always be my home away from home!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alone time....

It looks like husband and i are destined not to get any peace and quite
alone time.

We spent a busy weekend taking his mum and her husband around the island.

Let me tell you this, hanging out with older people
is good preparation for having kids methinks.

It takes you double the amount of time to go anywhere,
they are so slow,
you have to explain things to them more than once
in different ways so they can understand,
when you take them out you can blink for a second and
you've lost them.
They have no qualms about being PC...blurting
out whatever is on their minds to any passer by!

Its entertaining and hard work!!!

We just got the apartment back to ourselves when 
husband announces he has hired 2 staff to 
take over the crew that just left.

Which means sharing our alone time all over again.

(After one night she has already rearranged the cupboards
 so they are all neat and tidy,
having other people around just
brings up my inadequacies as a housewife)

Not that husband and i get up to anything too exciting in our alone time,
mostly sitting next to each other doing different things...
but knowing that its just the two of us
is just way better.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wedding...behind the scenes

 I love this picture of husband.
It's an awesome 'behind the scens shot'
In the background is my wedding photographer and Maid of Honour
prepping me for a fancy photo,

I think it captures the first few minutes of our marriage pretty well!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Juat a little longer....

We finally got rid of the crew and its just the two of us!

Just the two of us!!!!
it has never ever been just the two of us,
in the 9months we have been married 
we've always had other people around.

So its nice just to be...
but only for a few weeks more.

More big changes ahead.

being on the boat has been awesome,
even though i have zero sailor skills
i have been brushing up on my wife skills...
but now i'm going to brush up on some other skills.

since having left the full time ballet profession
i've felt a little bit helpless,
like i've got nothing to offer,
doing the cooking and failing at the cleaning
and being a rotten sailor
just isnt enough.

It was always in our plans that at some point i would
get my ballet teachers qualification
and also my pilates teachers qualification.

so starting from the beginning of June i'm going to spend the next year 
in London doing this,
whilst husband stays on the boat.

Its a big decision,
and i'm so grateful for a husband who has always been
supportive of my needs as a person.

When i went to Egypt and left him whilst we were dating it
was hard for him. but he listened and understood
that it was important for my career that i made the move.
not just as a career but to develop myself as a person,
to have no regrets.

And yet again he is supporting my decision to 
go off and work on my own life skills.

I'm grateful that he can look into the bigger picture and
see that sometimes what is best for us as a couple
in the long run might just mean
 sacrificing 'us time' for a year.

He has a good job which it would be crazy for him to leave at the moment,
and i  cant do these things whilst travelling around the world.

Husband also has some goals, 
he's always wanted to sail the Pacific Ocean,
if he left the boat now he wouldnt get a chance.

So we will put 'our couple' needs on hold once again
and work on our long distance relationship skills.

Being with Husband for the last year has been amazing.
Life has been good,
and i look forward to so much more.
I worry about the rotten days i'm going to have
and know that he wont be there to tell me
that its all okay and not to worry.

I worry about all the fun moments that i might
have never been quite being good enough
as he isnt there to share them with me.

but for now
i'll just soak it all in whilst i can.