Friday, May 24, 2013

Goodbye Mallorca, Goodbye husband...

we're heading back to the uk today,
Husbands cousin is getting married at the weekend
and after that he's taking me to London to settle me in at my new house.

(haha settle me in....i'm living with my sisters,
its not like its going to be all that scary!)

This will be the first time i've lived in the UK for nearly 8 years.

Funny isnt it,
where does the time go?
I've really enjoyed all my travels and really am only heading back for
practicality reasons. I could just keep on going to see you new places.

Husband will still be travelling,
to even more exciting places 
(the caribean, brazil...)

I'm desperately praying and
crossing my fingers that
i will be able to go and meet him
somewhere during the year
but to be honest his schedule changes with the wind

i know it sounds soppy 
but without him i'm only half of who i really am.

1 comment:

  1. It's so hard to be apart, especially for a year! I hope you'll be able to work it out to see each other. At least you'll be surrounded by family :)