Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding fun in every place...

Mallorca is never a place i have wanted to go to.
in my head i have pictures of British tourist packaged holidays
and fresh out of school teenagers at Magaluf.
and yes that part of Mallorca exists, but only if you want it to.

Palma is lovely.
It has loads of fantastic restaurants,
in fact i dont think we've eaten anywhere that wasnt less than great!

We've had a few visitors come to see us and
its so easy to take them around and show them the beautiful city,
its also so easy to take them around and show them the
beautiful country side.

Here are some highlights of my two months here in pictures.

These are near Alaro,
we were recommended by a friend to a place 
infamously called 'The Lamb Restaurant' 

Its right in the middle of a large mountain, 
we hiked up and by the time we got there we were starving!
And let me tell you that
this lamb is exquisite! 

And what a view!

These are from when my grandparents came to visit.
It was great to have them around,
they have such different personalities!

We took them on the touristy train to Soller.
It was an expensive trip
but a nice experience.

and then there is the Cathedral in Palma,
which i guess is the main attraction here

After the grandparents came the in-Laws

we took them to the Caves of Drach.
Husband was complaining about going to the caves,
(he hates going places that are too touristy)
but even he was quite impressed,
even though we have been to see a lot of caves recently!!!

Although Mallorca is a place that would never have been 
put on my travel wish list,
i'm glad that i got to spend some time here
and would definitely recommend a mini holiday here to anyone!

In many ways it reminds me of Slovenia
(which i will admit will always be my home away from home!


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. The caves really reminded me of Slovenia as well. It's strange how we expect some places to be, and when we arrive it's totally different. I never had much desire to travel to Malaysia and Singapore, but when we had the opportunity to visit a friend who was stationed in Singapore we went, and I loved it. Maybe I should visit Mallorca as well, not a place I have big desire to visit, but it seems like you were pleasantly surprised.

  3. wow, I've never heard of it before, but the pictures you took are just stunning!