Wednesday, May 29, 2013

London life....

arrived in London a couple of days ago and 
Its already rained,
 a lot...

I dont particularly have fond memories
of my previous stay in London
(nearly 2 years)
but at the time i was an unemployed destitute ballerina,
so hopefully things will be a bit different now.

I've been busy getting things sorted,
apartment - i'm living with my sisters so not too scary

moving and unpacking - getting everything out of storage,
after having limited space on the boat i feel like i have so many possessions now!

Getting a phone - i have been phoneless for the past year,
to be honest its been kind of liberating, having the smart phone in my pocket now i'm 
always wondering what messages i've been sent and checking and rechecking,
rather than just walking down a street or sitting at a table and enjoying the scenery.

paperwork - BLah!!!!

starting my dance teachers course on monday....!!!!!!!

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