Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alone time....

It looks like husband and i are destined not to get any peace and quite
alone time.

We spent a busy weekend taking his mum and her husband around the island.

Let me tell you this, hanging out with older people
is good preparation for having kids methinks.

It takes you double the amount of time to go anywhere,
they are so slow,
you have to explain things to them more than once
in different ways so they can understand,
when you take them out you can blink for a second and
you've lost them.
They have no qualms about being PC...blurting
out whatever is on their minds to any passer by!

Its entertaining and hard work!!!

We just got the apartment back to ourselves when 
husband announces he has hired 2 staff to 
take over the crew that just left.

Which means sharing our alone time all over again.

(After one night she has already rearranged the cupboards
 so they are all neat and tidy,
having other people around just
brings up my inadequacies as a housewife)

Not that husband and i get up to anything too exciting in our alone time,
mostly sitting next to each other doing different things...
but knowing that its just the two of us
is just way better.


  1. It doesnt matter what you do with your alone time, it's just nice to have sometimes.

  2. Aww, you two are so cute!! and yes, alone time is sooo important!