Monday, April 29, 2013


So i'm just sitting youtubing,
you know, endlessly watching youtube
videos when there is lots of real stuff that i ought to be doing.

I came across this awesome video that the Royal Ballet did.
It was a while ago now but they did a Royal Ballet Live day,
where they put the whole day of rehearsals online,
class, interviews ect.

this is a wee clip from it.

(they start dancing at around 12mins)

the funny thing is that i actually knew the girl in the video,
well not 'knew knew', 
as in she probably has no idea who the heck i am.
but we are the same age and did a few of the summer school
circuits and ballet school auditions at the same time.

She was obviously always way better than me, 
and now she is fab!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swan Laking.....

So as i've been preparing for my Swan Lake workshop
this weekend, here is what i have realised...

i know Swan Lake choreography 
inside out and backwards.

All the different version,
all the different parts,
all the parts i've never even danced.
even the mens parts.

I guess 10 years of rehearsals 
kinda embedded it into my brain.

So here are some pictures of some of those old performances....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wedding - Ceremony Photos

I wrote a bit about our wedding ceremony 

We've finally got all our pictures,
so soory,
but that means a whole bunch more wedding posts,
mainly photo related....

Some photos walking down the aisle and tying the knot...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keeping Myself Amused....

When i left the ballet company back in July
i was desperate to get out of the studio.

Yet since leaving all i seem to want to do is get back in.

Dont get me wrong,
i dont regret my decision at all.
it was definitely right.
I've had enough theatre life for a lifetime.

But getting back in the studio to keep myself fit,
and just to feel a little bit at home.

Following my husband around as a 'sailor'
i really am a fish out of water.
I am so out of my depth that i 
feel small and useless.

But in the studio,
thats my domain.

I've been talking to a couple of ballet schools here in Mallorca
and am putting on some workshops here at 
the end of the month teaching Swan lake repertoire.

To be honest its the first time i've done something like this...
so fingers crossed.

who would have thought i would
be excited to hear Swan Lake music again....

Monday, April 8, 2013

wedding - the wedding morning -

I hope your not sick of my wedding yet....
even though it was so long ago now,
i haven't finished blogging about it yet!

I love my wedding pictures.
i'll put them up a bit at a time.

I love meeting new people just
so i can show them my pictures,
trust me everyone
that i meet gets a viewing!

These ones are from the morning.

I just looked over my posts and realised that i actually didnt write about
my wedding morning.

I really enjoyed my wedding morning.
Looking out the window in the morning and checking for blue skies was like Christmas!!!
(i sent one of my bridesmaids to do it i was too nervous)

I had told everyone who was helping out 
to come round really early
(they thought i was being ridiculous)
but i'm glad they did as i never felt rushed at all.

In fact it was great just to take my time.

I felt so loved on my wedding morning,
everyone there wanting to help out to make my day go smoothly.

None of my bridesmaids had 
tried on their dresses before so it was good to know that they fitted!

My bridesmaid were steaming my dress and
my veil in the bathroom. My sister was sewing me into my dress. 
My sisters and bridesmaids
did my hair and make-up
and my other sister was doing my photography.

It was great to be surrounded by friends and family 
instead of 'wedding employees'
it meant that i could really be myself.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Am I?

I'm really enjoying Mallorca.
Not a place i ever thought i would want to visit,
in fact neither was Lanzarote...
but here's the thing places are what you make of them,
i think you can find the magic.

Being in an actual apartment is nice too.
Husband and crew go off to work each day
and i get a little bit of alone time
and do some housewifely duties
(i'm a pretty crappy housewife by the by)

Palma also seems to be a 'yachty' hub,
so lots of tim's old friends are creeping
put the cracks, which is nice as we can throw the occasional dinner 
party with people other than ourselves!

I've been slightly bad at blogging lately,
no real reason,
just in a funk i guess.

I saw this on a friends twitter and thought i'd throw it out there,
if anyone out there in the blogosphere is remotely interested
(dont worry if your not!)

Click on this link and ask me a question....
any question...
and i'll try and answer it

i guess its meant to be questions about who i am...
if you've been one of my few blog readers and
i've left you hanging on any subjects.

but you can ask me difficult math questions
if you like.
i cant guarantee the answer will be right...

in the meantime here are some pictures i've
been collecting on my pinterest which i think
show a little bit of who i am too

a reader

cake eater

a dancer

a starwars lover

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Childlike Empress....

I've always loved The Never Ending Story.
it was one of my favourite movies growing up
and consequently the book is one that i can
re-read again and again
and always feel inspired.

I loved The Childlike Empress
as a child I thought she was the most enchanting
beautiful person ever.
The fact that she was around my age also 
made her more relatable to my childlike fantasies.

So my wedding headdress was a little bit of a 
Childlike Empress throwback.

Although it turns out
my husband has no idea who The Childlike Empress
and all he knows about The Never Ending Story
is the 8o's theme tune.

This of course had to be rectified....

He thought the movie was ok,
a bit weird....
but he guessed he would have probably liked 
it as a kid.

We also had to watch Willow...
as it is awesome and he'd never even heard of it.

I discovered that nor does he really know who Peter Pan
is either (a fairy boy in green tights?)
This i think will be sorted out at some point too.

To be fair,
this weekend we had to watch Top Gun
to rectify me having never seen this movie...
a movie he can quote word for word,
he had to watch it gagged.