Monday, April 1, 2013

The Childlike Empress....

I've always loved The Never Ending Story.
it was one of my favourite movies growing up
and consequently the book is one that i can
re-read again and again
and always feel inspired.

I loved The Childlike Empress
as a child I thought she was the most enchanting
beautiful person ever.
The fact that she was around my age also 
made her more relatable to my childlike fantasies.

So my wedding headdress was a little bit of a 
Childlike Empress throwback.

Although it turns out
my husband has no idea who The Childlike Empress
and all he knows about The Never Ending Story
is the 8o's theme tune.

This of course had to be rectified....

He thought the movie was ok,
a bit weird....
but he guessed he would have probably liked 
it as a kid.

We also had to watch Willow...
as it is awesome and he'd never even heard of it.

I discovered that nor does he really know who Peter Pan
is either (a fairy boy in green tights?)
This i think will be sorted out at some point too.

To be fair,
this weekend we had to watch Top Gun
to rectify me having never seen this movie...
a movie he can quote word for word,
he had to watch it gagged.

1 comment:

  1. So, I'm guessing you can be his wing man anytime?

    But really, who doesn't know who Peter Pan is???