Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Thief....

Dear Thief,

Yes you.
I am talking to you.
The thief who stole my bag two nights ago when i was in the process of moving house.
Perhaps you didnt do it on purpose, perhaps i left it
behind somewhere and you thought 'finders keepers, loosers weepers'.
If that is the case well then, yes, i did weep.....a lot.
Perhaps you have a very poor family and finding my bag was like manna from heaven,
honestly i hope that this is the case as it is the one that is most reassuring for me....
but then again perhaps you are just greedy.

At anyrate, seeing as you now own some of my personal possessions
let us get a little bit more acquainted. I dont care about the toothbrush/sheets/towels/hairbrush/pyjamas ect. you can keep them,
they are replaceable items .
I dont even care all that much about the Gameboy,
i really didnt play it all that much anyway,
I do on the other hand care about the Sonic game that my 7year old brother lent me,
by not being able to return it to him i feel like i have dishonoured his trust.

I care about the silver necklace that was gifted to me from my
work colleagues from Slovenia with whom i had worked for five years.
It was a special memory for me.
Everytime that i wore it it reminded me that they knew that it was
hard for me to leave them and how they had put their money to buy me a gift,
it reminded me that we may not have all been friends all the time but that they cared enough about me to get me a beautiful necklace that i cherished.
I am sad that it is gone.

I do care about the large amount of money that was in the bag.
Perhaps you will think it is not a large amount of money, but to me it was.
Perhaps you will think, 'silly white westerner will not care about losing this amount of money. i am far less of than she',
so as to appease your guilt.
You are wrong, that money meant a lot to me.
It took me a long time to earn it,
and i was putting it aside in order to prepare for my future.

I do care about the 2 pairs of glasses that were in that bag.
It will be difficult for me to replace them, and also the boxes of contact lenses
that were in that bag. In fact, it upsets me that my contact lenses
were lost as my family do not have a lot of money,
but they help me to pay for those...this loss did not just effect me it effects them also.
I have very poor eyesight,
i bet that they are not even your prescription and
well not fetch a good price on the black market.

I am most upset about my scriptures that were in the bag.
What i am referring to is the small turquoise leather bound book.
It will not mean much to you, but to me it is very similar to your Koran or your Bible.
To me it is a sacred book which i have read many times
and have not been parted from for 12years.
Sure i can replace it,
but that particular one had helped me through a lot of rough patches and answered a lot of prayers for me.....
i guess i'll make new memories with my new one.

Dear Thief,
I hope that you fully appreciate your swag,
because i never really did until it was gone.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wishful thinking.....

I wish my little Scottish body could adapt to Egyptian heat

I wish that my internet didnt suck, its my only connection with the outside world

I wish that i could speed up time so that my holiday countdown would go faster

I wish that i had a magic ability to make people understand the way i think,
cause sometimes i just aint no good at expressing myself

I wish they had fresh milk in Egypt not the horrid UHT stuff

I wish that i didnt have to count every last penny that leaves my purse

I wish that i had someone to cook dinner for me on days when i come home tired.

I wish that my 'Moon Costume' for our current production (all in one white hooded unitard) didnt make me look like a giant tampon.

I wish that being in love could be more straight-forward.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kindred Spirits...

In the last few months i've made a lovely group of friends.

The Crew.

It's the first time since i've left high school
that i've had an actual group of friends.

Different personalities that on a singular level might not get
along with one another but in a group setting each develops
his/her own niche that makes them vital to The Crew.

But this being Egypt most foreigners are
here on a limited stop over,
and it seems that quite a few of my buddy buddy's are moving on.

It makes me sad but also happy.
Sad that its coming to an end,
Happy that i've made some Kindred Spirits,

and as Anne will tell you,
Kindred Spirits goes beyond friendship,
it is a recognition of part of your soul in someone else.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Litttle Ponies....

As a kid i was a huge My Little Pony fan.

In fact in a cupboard back home are my
Dream Castle and Nursery, with about 50 My Little Ponies
that i've never quite got round to throwing away.

I like to use the excuse that one day i'll have children
and i'll be saving money as i'll never have to actually buy them toys
or stuffed animals as i have copious amounts in storage to be
whipped out at each birthday for many a year to come....

Today i came across a youtube sight which has
some My Little Pony film 'remakes' on it.

I love them!
I think they would make
some kick-ass movies dont you?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I had the worst day at work today.

The worst.

One of my male colleagues had a fight in the middle
of rehearsal and started physically attacking one of the women.

I've never actually seen this happen before,
a man treat a woman in such away.

Somehow i got myself involved in the situation by trying to intervene
when he looked like he was coming back for more,
which only resulted in myself being shouted at by other men in the studio.

What made the situation worse
was later on when things had calmed down a couple of guys
came over to me to justify the male dancers actions to me.

Let me put this out there now.

It is never okay to hit a woman.

It is unjustifiable.

I tried to explain this to them...
I was not interested as to what the current situation
between this man and woman were.
Who was in the right/ who was in the wrong, is immaterial.
The minute that you loose control and
stoop to physical abuse you are in the wrong.....

I hope that one day the people here will be able to see that.

I was even more shocked,
when one of Egyptian friends
had to explain to these people who were trying to
justify the situation to me,
that the reason that I was so upset was
that I had never seen a woman being hit before.

I feel sad that in this part of the world that it
is obviously not an anomaly.
Where never having seen a woman
being hit by a man is unheard of.

I'm not saying that these things do
not happen in the rest of the world.
They do.
I am saying that it should
not be in any way tolerated.

The situation ended with the woman being sent home to 'recover'
and the man was allowed to continue work as though nothing had happened

This is an experience i wish i had never seen,
but i am also glad that i have, as it has opened my
eyes to a serious injustice.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just me and my ukulele.....

I've been teaching myself to play the ukulele since October.
(its amazing what you can learn from youtube)

I love it.

After a crappy day at work its nice to come home
and sit and strum away on my uke,
i find it relaxing.

I made my sisters fiancee,
who i havent met yet,
a little video this week.

My sister told me that it was too late for him,
I told her she was mistaken,
as i was indeed complimenting him on his fine choice of wife.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movie, Movie....

I havent been to the movies much recently.
The last one i saw here in the cinema was The Adjustment Bureau,
which i liked, after i got used to the fact that they were playing
was a really badly fake version of the movie.
Oh yes,
microphones, camera men and film-hands just walking about in the
background made it a little hard to be able to suspend your disbelief.....
but also got a good chuckle from us.
Oh Egypt!

Oh wait,
i just remembered the last movie i actually saw was Thor.
I guess i've been trying to supress the memory of it seeing as it made
me want to gauge my eyeballs out.

At anyrate,
I is well looking forward to this movie.....

Oh, and Cowboys and Aliens.....
cause what can go wrong with a movie about aliens and cowboys
when it has Harrison Ford in it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Last Book in the pile...

I was down to my last book in the pile.

I was secretly excited, as being on the last book in my
pile means a trip to Attaba, the second-hand book market.

I popped round to my old apartment,
which everyone was leaving to pick up my deposit.

I spied a pile of unwanted looking books in the corner.

I queried as to their future.

I clapped my hands with glee when my ex-roommate
told me that they were mine as he needed rid of them.

I felt like Christmas had come early.

I now have a dozen new books in my book pile.

I am secretly sad that i dont get to the second hand book market.

I guess i can read fast.

I am secretly happy for my 1/2 hour metro journey
which allows me extra reading time.