Sunday, June 12, 2011


I had the worst day at work today.

The worst.

One of my male colleagues had a fight in the middle
of rehearsal and started physically attacking one of the women.

I've never actually seen this happen before,
a man treat a woman in such away.

Somehow i got myself involved in the situation by trying to intervene
when he looked like he was coming back for more,
which only resulted in myself being shouted at by other men in the studio.

What made the situation worse
was later on when things had calmed down a couple of guys
came over to me to justify the male dancers actions to me.

Let me put this out there now.

It is never okay to hit a woman.

It is unjustifiable.

I tried to explain this to them...
I was not interested as to what the current situation
between this man and woman were.
Who was in the right/ who was in the wrong, is immaterial.
The minute that you loose control and
stoop to physical abuse you are in the wrong.....

I hope that one day the people here will be able to see that.

I was even more shocked,
when one of Egyptian friends
had to explain to these people who were trying to
justify the situation to me,
that the reason that I was so upset was
that I had never seen a woman being hit before.

I feel sad that in this part of the world that it
is obviously not an anomaly.
Where never having seen a woman
being hit by a man is unheard of.

I'm not saying that these things do
not happen in the rest of the world.
They do.
I am saying that it should
not be in any way tolerated.

The situation ended with the woman being sent home to 'recover'
and the man was allowed to continue work as though nothing had happened

This is an experience i wish i had never seen,
but i am also glad that i have, as it has opened my
eyes to a serious injustice.

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  1. Wow Rebekah! I've lived in foreign countries, but no where with such differing standards of basic human decency. Please be careful!