Friday, June 3, 2011

The Last Book in the pile...

I was down to my last book in the pile.

I was secretly excited, as being on the last book in my
pile means a trip to Attaba, the second-hand book market.

I popped round to my old apartment,
which everyone was leaving to pick up my deposit.

I spied a pile of unwanted looking books in the corner.

I queried as to their future.

I clapped my hands with glee when my ex-roommate
told me that they were mine as he needed rid of them.

I felt like Christmas had come early.

I now have a dozen new books in my book pile.

I am secretly sad that i dont get to the second hand book market.

I guess i can read fast.

I am secretly happy for my 1/2 hour metro journey
which allows me extra reading time.

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