Friday, May 27, 2011

My Wedding Dress....

Okay, okay....
so technically not my wedding dress
but more the dress i'm wearing to a wedding,

but seeing as i'm not going to have my wedding dress anytime soon
and i've fallen in love with this dress i give myself the right to refer to it as
My Wedding Dress

awwww man,
i hummed and hawed over this little beaut,
mainly because its way way out of my price range
but i was smitten
and then eventually i found a measuring tape and guess what,
it just happens to be in my size,
it must be fate
and so i gave into my credit card....

besides i've only got one big sister
(okay so i have 3 other sisters but lets not think about them just now)
and hopefully she's only getting married once....

thats a special enough occasion to blow your bank account right?

i also loved this one but figured i shouldnt wear white to a wedding,
(but then again if Pippa can to her sister
Princess Kates' then maybe its allowed now.....?


  1. this post made me smile, what a gorgeous dress, enjoy it and congrats to your sister. =)i noticed the same thing about pipa and thought that was strange that she wore white, maybe its a royal thing?

  2. It's so beautiful, especially the bow on the back! You're going to look stunning in it! x