Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Hair-raising Experience....

I went to the hairdressers today.
I find going to the hairdressers very much
akin to going to the dentist,

As i sat in the chair and some Egyptian guy started hacking
(being the most operative word)
at my hair, it suddenly dawned on me that living in a Muslim country
where a high percentage of woman have their hair covered,
that my hairdresser may never have actually ever seen a woman's hair.

As i started to panic i noticed a few pictures
blatantly cut from American magazine's from the 90's
of woman with blonde hair and shiny white teeth.
So at least he had some point of reference.

Besides he didnt seem particularly fazed.....
in fact he spent most of my haircut (which took about 15 minutes)
watching the tv which was directly behind him.

And so although it was the fastest/most multi-tasked hair cut i've ever had
and perhaps i had asked him to cut it up to my shoulders
and he actually cut it up to my chin....
but its not the worst haircut i've ever had.

That one is completely undocumented,
seeing as i refused to be around a camera for the next 3months after it took place,
and besides this one cost me less than 8 times the price of that one....



  1. I am sorry you had to go through that, if you need to fix it, if you want to that is, I can take you to my hairdresser :) he does wonders with hair. (costs me about LE40) CHEAPEST HAIRCUT EVER.

  2. is actually quite a nice haircut i like it.....but maybe next time i'll take your recomendation!

    i'm hoping to to be so buy after next week.....