Monday, May 16, 2011

Let the juice loose.....

Last night out i went out with friends for dinner.
Some americans, an english gal and myself.

My British friend and i kept breaking out into a
dance routine through out the evening.
One of us would declare ,

'there's some juice loose aboot this hoose'

which start us both into singing the song and twisting around in imitation
of a tv advert from the 90's which included a Scottish man
dancing in a similar style in his kilt.

We found it hilarious.
The joke didnt tire for us all night long.

Unfortunately we were the only two who knew the advert and nobody
else found it quite as entertaining,
in the end they didnt even stop the conversations
whilst we danced in between them.

I think its sad that they didnt benefit from the joy
of dancing around like a crazy Scottish man,
so i thought i'd share the joy here......
just incase your in need of some.

Let the juice loose....

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