Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 days in Cairo with a lovely lady.....

Last week my bestest bud and loveliest lady of them all came to visit me.
In the dance world holidays are rarely planned,
normally there are rumours flying around and about 2
days before the holiday will start your given some information....
it makes planning for anything exceedingly difficult.

So i had just found out i had a 9 day holiday only to receive a message
from the Lovely Nina from Ljubljana that her ballet company
had pretty much just informed her that she would be having holidays too,
whats more part of our holidays even over-lapped.....
it seemed too good to be true.

It was,
tickets to Egypt arent cheap and Ballet dancers salaries arent high.

So it looked like our desire to meet up would be culled,
and i went off to Luxor slightly heavily hearted than
i wished only to receive a text message half
way through my trip to say that she was coming,
pretty much the day that i got back to Cairo.

I literally couldnt sleep for the next two nights planning an agenda for her 5 day visit.
(no she was given no choice in the matter)


She was taken to a Coptic Christian Mass at the Mokatan Cave church....
mainly because we had heard that they do exorcisms,

but apparently no-one was possessed that night....
is it wrong that i wished there was?
and we watched a large Egyptian man squeeze himself into a
belt at Makan, that was a 'musical instrument'
he shimmied his butt around for a good 20mins making sweet
Egyptian folk music with that 'instrument'.
I laughed so hard i cried, it is an instrument i would greatly like to learn to play,
i feel that i have great potential to become an excellent goat belt shimmier.
and she was forced to eat Koshary whether she liked it or not,
as it would make her an authentic Egyptian
(for the grand price of 5 egyptian pounds)
and she felt what its like to be a celeb, when every tom dick or harry wants
their picture taken with you.
i've started asking for baksheeh when they want this....
so far not got any!
and taken on a tour of the Islamic Cairo Mosques by a friend of mine who
knows way too much useless yet interesting information about these kind of things.

and was taken to the second hand book market in Attaba,
because its one of my favourite spots,
even though i'm sure she has no love for second hand books
(i'm doing some serious haggling in this picture)

And we got lost in the market for a while,
but became excellent tag team hagglers playing good cop bad cop to perfection.....
and rode on a camel at the Pyramids
(for what i thought was a good price but found out afterwards wasnt)
on a Camel called Charlie Brown,
which coincidently was the name of the only other camel i have ridden on......

and ate Egyptian food in Felfela a tourist restaurant,
because we be tourists dont ya know.....

and there were a few more things ,
like a trip to the Egyptian Museum,
a Felucca ride down the Nile
and what-not

But for me the best part was just getting to talk to her when ever i wanted.

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