Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Forbidden Karnak Temple.....

The highlight of Luxor can only have been The Karnak Temple.
Its colossal size and excellent preservation makes it a wonder to see.

Funnily enough i think that we may have been slightly
over-excited by the whole thing,
seeing as on numerous occasions we had people coming p to us telling
us what we were doing was Forbidden.

I guessed they were just after Baksheeh (tip)
for hush money, but now i look back on the pictures
i think that they probably had a point.

For example -

Cuddling with ancient monuments - FORBIDDEN

(i'm of the opinion that James Cameron may have got his inspiration for the blue skinned folk of Avatar for these hieroglyphs)
Standing on top of ruins -FORBIDDEN

(apparently when Obama came to Egypt he pointed out this hieroglyph and said it looked a bit like him)

The workers took some time off for lunch so we thought we'd help out -

Sitting on ancient relics- FORBIDDEN
Danny and Ksenjia act out a scene described in tour guide book of human sacrfices - FORBIDDEN

Swimming in the Sacred Lake - FORBIDDEN
Posing on the giant pillars -
but it was so
amazing to see how detailed and preserved
some of the hieroglyphs are....

I wonder if ancient Egyptians built their statues life-sized
and human beings have just got smaller over the years.....


  1. Maybe the gods were the really big guys and the rest were just normal people? It puzzles me too. I am glad you had fun!

  2. Wow! I've never seen hieroglyphs in such good shape. Wait, what am I talking about? I've never seen any hieroglyphs! Looks like fun though. :)