Thursday, June 27, 2013


London life is busy.

I just feel like i dont stop.....ever.
on friday night i came home and was fast asleep by 8.30.

commuting is a killer,
it just seems to take so long to get anywhere in london.
i live in London and it takes me longer to get my
course each day than some of the girls
who live much much further away!!!

I miss husband.
little things like how nice it would
be at the end of the day just to sit on the sofa next to him.
or how i just want to tell him about everything all the time.

The course is going pretty well,
and i've made a few new friends which is always goood,
also been spending time with old ones too.

At some point i'll get round to blogging about
what i've actually been up to...
but for now i'm going to catch me some

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A lovely little movie....

I went to see this lovely french movie this week,

its one of the most enjoyable movies i've seen in a while.
I truly felt like i was watching an Audrey Hepburn movie from the 50's.


It's been tough going from being a boatwife
to full time school....
these early morning starts are not fun!

and London is sooooo BIG!

Husband comes to visit this weekend...
cant wait!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The London Stage....

I was pretty excited when coming to London
that i'm going to get a chance to see some amazing ballets here.

I enthusiastically booked a ticket to
see the Royal Ballets production of Mayerling
with Alina Cojocaru dancing.

A dancer who i have watched on youtube a lot
but never actually seen live.

Turns out that they (alina and her partner johan) announced a couple of days
before the performance that they were leaving the company.

I was so excited to be there for that special evening.
even though my seat was the cheapest in the theatre which meant i could only 
actually see half the performance because of the restricted viewing.
(it made it a bit tricky to follow the plot!)

this article describes their last performance pretty well

i've never seen so many flowers on a stage in my life!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back to school....

I'm on the fourth day of my course.
I'm attending the 
Royal Academy of Dance Professional Teaching Diploma course.

There's lots of lovely people on the course and
lots of information to take in.

Its good to have fellow students who you can talk to,
i cant tell you how many times we've said to each other
at certain times,
'Oh my Goodness i'm glad that you feel that way too'
(mainly when we are lost and dont have a clue whats going on)

Its quite a broad variety of people too,
all from different backgrounds with different strengths and weaknesses.

For me i think its going to be hard to transition from 
think about how i would do a step as a dancer
to changing my thoughts to how would i teach that step as a teacher.

its a long day and busy schedule
and London is so big
i spend half my time commuting.....

Luckily some of my favouritest people live in London too
(two of my bridesmaids)
i've been trying to squeeze in some social time with them too.

Turns out before i came to London 
my husband emailed my friends and ask them to look
after me as he is worried about me being here without him.

What a sweetie....
good to know that he is taking care of me from a distance
He's my Hercules.