Saturday, June 8, 2013

The London Stage....

I was pretty excited when coming to London
that i'm going to get a chance to see some amazing ballets here.

I enthusiastically booked a ticket to
see the Royal Ballets production of Mayerling
with Alina Cojocaru dancing.

A dancer who i have watched on youtube a lot
but never actually seen live.

Turns out that they (alina and her partner johan) announced a couple of days
before the performance that they were leaving the company.

I was so excited to be there for that special evening.
even though my seat was the cheapest in the theatre which meant i could only 
actually see half the performance because of the restricted viewing.
(it made it a bit tricky to follow the plot!)

this article describes their last performance pretty well

i've never seen so many flowers on a stage in my life!!!

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