Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Been off honeymooning in Cambodia.
I'll admit one of the highlights for me was
the secluded island we spent a couple of nights on
in a wooden shack on the beach.
Its the things honeymoons should be made off....

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a Mermaids Life....

On our way up to the Sunshine Coast
to visit my relatives for xmas
we stopped over in Byron Bay.

Whilst there i saw a leaflet for swimming with turtles...

oh boy oh boy was i excited!!!!

I talked about it for days on end until my husband
realised that we were not going to make it back
to Sydney without a swim.

The Byron Bay Dive centre who we did the swim with
were great.
Even though of course they told us they couldnt guarantee turtle spotting
as they are wild animals, it was only seconds after
jumping off the boat that we spotted our turtles.

Tim wanted to swim around and explore the reef a bit,
but i would have been happy with just watching the turtles the whole hour!!!

All the pictures with me turned out pretty crappy,
mainly because of my lung i'm not meant to dive down.

In fact my diving career is over...

but we got some pretty cool shots of tim!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pretty Ballet Pictures....

Although we werent able to get tickets
to the Sydney Opera House to see the ballet
they did have a nice exhibition outside the opera house
with pictures from a Vogue Photo shoot
some of the members of the company
had recently done.

You can see more

On the upside
our delay here has meant we have got tickets 
to see the Opera La Boheme this weekend
(expensive tickets)

So i'm going to get to go inside after all!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our delayed Honeymoon.....

Happy New Year!!!!!

This is an x-ray of two working lungs....
My Two Working Lungs to be exact!!!!


Our original plan after being here in Oz was to 
spend three weeks travelling round Cambodia
for our belated Honeymoon.

Unfortunately my broken lung
meant we had to cancel our flights until i got the all clear to fly.

Thai Airlines suck by the way,
they gave us no compassionate consideration for my medical condition
and we had to spend a fortune on new flights
(with a different airline)

So now our time in Cambodia is
down to a week...
which i cant really complain about too much!