Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Thief....

Dear Thief,

Yes you.
I am talking to you.
The thief who stole my bag two nights ago when i was in the process of moving house.
Perhaps you didnt do it on purpose, perhaps i left it
behind somewhere and you thought 'finders keepers, loosers weepers'.
If that is the case well then, yes, i did weep.....a lot.
Perhaps you have a very poor family and finding my bag was like manna from heaven,
honestly i hope that this is the case as it is the one that is most reassuring for me....
but then again perhaps you are just greedy.

At anyrate, seeing as you now own some of my personal possessions
let us get a little bit more acquainted. I dont care about the toothbrush/sheets/towels/hairbrush/pyjamas ect. you can keep them,
they are replaceable items .
I dont even care all that much about the Gameboy,
i really didnt play it all that much anyway,
I do on the other hand care about the Sonic game that my 7year old brother lent me,
by not being able to return it to him i feel like i have dishonoured his trust.

I care about the silver necklace that was gifted to me from my
work colleagues from Slovenia with whom i had worked for five years.
It was a special memory for me.
Everytime that i wore it it reminded me that they knew that it was
hard for me to leave them and how they had put their money to buy me a gift,
it reminded me that we may not have all been friends all the time but that they cared enough about me to get me a beautiful necklace that i cherished.
I am sad that it is gone.

I do care about the large amount of money that was in the bag.
Perhaps you will think it is not a large amount of money, but to me it was.
Perhaps you will think, 'silly white westerner will not care about losing this amount of money. i am far less of than she',
so as to appease your guilt.
You are wrong, that money meant a lot to me.
It took me a long time to earn it,
and i was putting it aside in order to prepare for my future.

I do care about the 2 pairs of glasses that were in that bag.
It will be difficult for me to replace them, and also the boxes of contact lenses
that were in that bag. In fact, it upsets me that my contact lenses
were lost as my family do not have a lot of money,
but they help me to pay for those...this loss did not just effect me it effects them also.
I have very poor eyesight,
i bet that they are not even your prescription and
well not fetch a good price on the black market.

I am most upset about my scriptures that were in the bag.
What i am referring to is the small turquoise leather bound book.
It will not mean much to you, but to me it is very similar to your Koran or your Bible.
To me it is a sacred book which i have read many times
and have not been parted from for 12years.
Sure i can replace it,
but that particular one had helped me through a lot of rough patches and answered a lot of prayers for me.....
i guess i'll make new memories with my new one.

Dear Thief,
I hope that you fully appreciate your swag,
because i never really did until it was gone.


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  1. this is very sad. I think your friend paid a visit to Denver last year where he stole my bag from the church while I was there cleaning. Like you, I had things in there I didn't really care about losing, but what I did care about was my journal. I had made it by hand and it was one of my favorite ones I had made. And of course, the stories and thoughts within are now lost forever.

    stupid thieves...