Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wishful thinking.....

I wish my little Scottish body could adapt to Egyptian heat

I wish that my internet didnt suck, its my only connection with the outside world

I wish that i could speed up time so that my holiday countdown would go faster

I wish that i had a magic ability to make people understand the way i think,
cause sometimes i just aint no good at expressing myself

I wish they had fresh milk in Egypt not the horrid UHT stuff

I wish that i didnt have to count every last penny that leaves my purse

I wish that i had someone to cook dinner for me on days when i come home tired.

I wish that my 'Moon Costume' for our current production (all in one white hooded unitard) didnt make me look like a giant tampon.

I wish that being in love could be more straight-forward.

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