Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Am I?

I'm really enjoying Mallorca.
Not a place i ever thought i would want to visit,
in fact neither was Lanzarote...
but here's the thing places are what you make of them,
i think you can find the magic.

Being in an actual apartment is nice too.
Husband and crew go off to work each day
and i get a little bit of alone time
and do some housewifely duties
(i'm a pretty crappy housewife by the by)

Palma also seems to be a 'yachty' hub,
so lots of tim's old friends are creeping
put the cracks, which is nice as we can throw the occasional dinner 
party with people other than ourselves!

I've been slightly bad at blogging lately,
no real reason,
just in a funk i guess.

I saw this on a friends twitter and thought i'd throw it out there,
if anyone out there in the blogosphere is remotely interested
(dont worry if your not!)

Click on this link and ask me a question....
any question...
and i'll try and answer it

i guess its meant to be questions about who i am...
if you've been one of my few blog readers and
i've left you hanging on any subjects.

but you can ask me difficult math questions
if you like.
i cant guarantee the answer will be right...

in the meantime here are some pictures i've
been collecting on my pinterest which i think
show a little bit of who i am too

a reader

cake eater

a dancer

a starwars lover

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