Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swan Laking.....

So as i've been preparing for my Swan Lake workshop
this weekend, here is what i have realised...

i know Swan Lake choreography 
inside out and backwards.

All the different version,
all the different parts,
all the parts i've never even danced.
even the mens parts.

I guess 10 years of rehearsals 
kinda embedded it into my brain.

So here are some pictures of some of those old performances....


  1. Great post! I just got tickets for Swan Lake which is coming to my part of the world later this year, I'm so excited!! Really stunning pictures :) xx

  2. Wow, that's really cool. I bet those students are going to be so excited to learn from you.

  3. You are just so...BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I wish I lived near you and could attend your workshop and learn Swan Lake choreography from you. :) That would be a dream for me! I only know bits and pieces of the choreography from watching YouTube videos over and over again and I've always wanted to learn more. I'd love to know the ballet inside and out. I know both Nutcracker and Swan Lake are overdone but I really do think Swan Lake is so beautiful. : )