Monday, April 8, 2013

wedding - the wedding morning -

I hope your not sick of my wedding yet....
even though it was so long ago now,
i haven't finished blogging about it yet!

I love my wedding pictures.
i'll put them up a bit at a time.

I love meeting new people just
so i can show them my pictures,
trust me everyone
that i meet gets a viewing!

These ones are from the morning.

I just looked over my posts and realised that i actually didnt write about
my wedding morning.

I really enjoyed my wedding morning.
Looking out the window in the morning and checking for blue skies was like Christmas!!!
(i sent one of my bridesmaids to do it i was too nervous)

I had told everyone who was helping out 
to come round really early
(they thought i was being ridiculous)
but i'm glad they did as i never felt rushed at all.

In fact it was great just to take my time.

I felt so loved on my wedding morning,
everyone there wanting to help out to make my day go smoothly.

None of my bridesmaids had 
tried on their dresses before so it was good to know that they fitted!

My bridesmaid were steaming my dress and
my veil in the bathroom. My sister was sewing me into my dress. 
My sisters and bridesmaids
did my hair and make-up
and my other sister was doing my photography.

It was great to be surrounded by friends and family 
instead of 'wedding employees'
it meant that i could really be myself.


  1. Have I mentioned how beautiful your dress is? So divine!

    Cheriese xx She may be the Song that Summer Sings

  2. I totally know what you mean. My brother in law did my makeup, and his boyfriend did my hair. My sister helped me get dressed and put in my vail. Having family there to help is so much more fun then random employees.

  3. So sweet that you had family and close friends help you out on your wedding day preparation process... Makes for sweeter memories. Although, I really think that there are some genuine 'wedding employee' out there that would feel like family when working for their clients. They are the ones who truly love and cherish their job... and most likely, don't even consider their job a "job". :-)