Monday, May 6, 2013

Juat a little longer....

We finally got rid of the crew and its just the two of us!

Just the two of us!!!!
it has never ever been just the two of us,
in the 9months we have been married 
we've always had other people around.

So its nice just to be...
but only for a few weeks more.

More big changes ahead.

being on the boat has been awesome,
even though i have zero sailor skills
i have been brushing up on my wife skills...
but now i'm going to brush up on some other skills.

since having left the full time ballet profession
i've felt a little bit helpless,
like i've got nothing to offer,
doing the cooking and failing at the cleaning
and being a rotten sailor
just isnt enough.

It was always in our plans that at some point i would
get my ballet teachers qualification
and also my pilates teachers qualification.

so starting from the beginning of June i'm going to spend the next year 
in London doing this,
whilst husband stays on the boat.

Its a big decision,
and i'm so grateful for a husband who has always been
supportive of my needs as a person.

When i went to Egypt and left him whilst we were dating it
was hard for him. but he listened and understood
that it was important for my career that i made the move.
not just as a career but to develop myself as a person,
to have no regrets.

And yet again he is supporting my decision to 
go off and work on my own life skills.

I'm grateful that he can look into the bigger picture and
see that sometimes what is best for us as a couple
in the long run might just mean
 sacrificing 'us time' for a year.

He has a good job which it would be crazy for him to leave at the moment,
and i  cant do these things whilst travelling around the world.

Husband also has some goals, 
he's always wanted to sail the Pacific Ocean,
if he left the boat now he wouldnt get a chance.

So we will put 'our couple' needs on hold once again
and work on our long distance relationship skills.

Being with Husband for the last year has been amazing.
Life has been good,
and i look forward to so much more.
I worry about the rotten days i'm going to have
and know that he wont be there to tell me
that its all okay and not to worry.

I worry about all the fun moments that i might
have never been quite being good enough
as he isnt there to share them with me.

but for now
i'll just soak it all in whilst i can.


  1. It's so hard to make decisions like that! But good for both of you for seeing that the sacrifice is worth it in the long run, and pushing each other to be better.

  2. So sweet that you have a supportive husband that allows making a difficult decision like that possible. Best of luck to you while you pursue your goals. :-)