Thursday, July 19, 2012

London Life....

I'm still in London.
dont know what i've done with my camera....

Here's a few things that i've been up to lately....

Gone to an antiques market...ended up knee deep in mud so it felt a bit like a cool music festival,
even though i was walking around looking at old stuff.

Gone out to re-buy wedding dress material...
again and again and again....
it breaks my heart a little bit everytime

sat on friday night and took the whole dress apart...

went to see Singing In The Rain at the theatre...
amazeballs, but i missed Gene one can replace him.

hung out with my a couple of my bridesmaids,
one who i havent seen in years,
its so lovely when it feels like we saw each other yesterday....

had a wedding  'make-up' test with one of my bridesmaids,
turns out i know nothing about make-up,
putting on mascara in the morning and 
always forgetting to take it off doesnt count.

Sung in the rain.

Went to Alan Herdman Pilates Studio
 to enquire into their PilatesTeaching Course,
me likey.

Spent a heck of a lot of money.

Shopped a heck of a lot 
(those two may be related)

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