Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Shoes that Fit....

Well, hanging up my ballet shoes didnt last all that long...
being in London i popped into the famous Pineapple studios to do a ballet class.

I t took me back to those days when i used frequent the studios here daily when i was living in London and looking for wrok and auditioning.
Back then it was a drag....a thing i had to do to survive.
 Now it was purely for pleasure.
Looking around all those young fresh-out-of-ballet-school girls
 i didnt envy them one bit.

But i did enjoy myself.
i've struggled for the last couple of years to enjoy the ballet classes in Egypt
 because the Russian Style of the classes was just so far from my roots and my training,
 and so it felt a bit like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes today....
it fitted much better.

(i think the shoe reference is coming from the fact that i got blisters from wearing a pair of new shoes whilst walking around London today....they were too small, and OOOWWWYYY!)

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