Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Bling Bling take 2.....

So i finally picked an Engagement ring...
I took my sisters Meghan and Bryony to an antique shop in Angel, London
and there it was.

They were quite pleased that they only had to go to one shop...
thats because Tim had already done the leg work back in May
when i dragged him round every ring shop in Edinburgh.

But this time i had a clearer picture of what i wanted,
and there it was.

And its 

Tim made me promise to keep in the box until he could officially give it to me.
So i've been sneaking peaks at it for the last couple of days
and trying it on 'just for a second'

But today he finally came to London,
and within seconds i had produced the ring and made him re-propose.
The answer is still yes.

Then we went to check out Fossils at the 
Natural History Museum,
because Tim loves old fossils.

And now he is off again, 
fingers crossed i'll spend more time with him next week.


  1. Oh it's beautiful! Glad you finally found the one and gorgeous dress you have on too!

  2. This is really random, but I found your blog by looking up pics of ruby engagement rings. I have one myself, but I keep getting negative talk about it from my mom who thinks I can do better. Although, I'm pretty sure I would be VERY unhappy with a huge, gaudy, diamond engagement ring it is pretty discouraging. I honestly just wanted to find someone with a ring like mine and was happy about it... and, I've found you! :-)

    1. i keep getting comments on how small my ring is....but it makes me so happy so what do i care what other people think!