Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Friends and old.....

i've been living in London for a while now
and actually know a lot of people living here in London,
but havent managed to get round to meeting up with them yet.

So i thought i'd use my birthday as a chance to
get together with old school friends and work colleagues
who i havent seen in a long (long long) time.

So i invited them...

and well, none of them came!

(It was a monday night to be fair)

but here's the thing i had an awesome birthday anyway,
after inviting all these old friends
i thought i'd invite a few people who i dont know so well 
but would like to get to know better.
So i invited a girl i work with and some friends from church to come along,
and they all came.
So along with them, my two sisters and one of my oldest friends
i had a really good time.

I dont know what this says about me,
that maybe once you get to know me you 
might start avoiding me!
lets hope not!

i also got a satellite phone call from husband
from the Amazon Delta,
and he made sure that my sister bought me some flowers 
from him....
those little thoughts from him made my day.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday. I doubt they were avoiding you, if they were they shouldn't be in your life anyway.