Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Goals....

so yesterday was my bithday.
i turned the ripe old age of 29.

Its funny for so many years 30 was the oldest age for me.
I had all these ideas of things that I should have achieved by the time i was 30
(and to be honest not a lot of goals for after that as 30 seemed for ever away)

Well here i am at 29 getting closer to 30
and if i think about all those things i wanted to achieve and
do i would say that right now i am the most content
i've been in a long while on a birthday
on striving towards those goals.

i always thought that 30 was a good time to stop dancing,
to start looking for a career change,
i never wanted to be one of those dancers who didnt know how
to leave the studio and ended up wasting away in it.

so i jumped on the band wagon a little early on that goal,
but hey tick anyway!

I'm on my way to a new career, and 
very muchly enjoying it.

I always figured i should be married by the time i was thirty,

and i always thought 30 would be a good age to start having children at,
so i've got some time to start fulfilling that briefing....

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