Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Oz is awesome....
Well the little i've seen of it.
After a week of being here, staying at a friends house right on a beautiful beach,
i managed to hospitalise myself with a collapsed lung....
I woke up one morrning with a pain in my back,
thinking i'd pulled a muscle, but it quickly
sprread to my chest and difficultty breathing.
I thought i had had a heart attack!
My husband thought i was being dramatic,
but after about 8 hours of nagging i finally got him to take me to the ER.
When the doctor came through to give us the diagnosis
of a pneumothorax both of us started laughing....
as Tim was sure i was just being a big baby!
Unfortunately we will have to wait to see
when i will be allowed to get on an airplane again....
my trip could be extended....
At any rate
I can give the Australian healthcare system 2 thumbs up!
So i've spent the last week in bed recovering,
its not quite healed but i got the all clear to start tourising again.
We headed into Sydney yesterday which was lovely.
I'm pretty bummed though that Swan Lake is playing at the Opera House
and the tickets were sold out months in advance.
The guy actually laughed at me when i tried to buy tickets
(i told him he was rude!)
Blogging is going to be slow and far between for the next little while,
seeing as i'm computerless.
(all pictures taken whilst i still had two working lungs)


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