Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I managed to get out of the house the other day and finally go into Sydney!
We had a lovely day. We sat outside the Opera House
and had some drinks with a great view of both the Opera House and
the Bridge.
Still bummed that i havent managed to get tickets to watch the ballet,
but i guess i'll just have to come back here again sometime!

The Opera House is just next to the Royal Botanical Gardens.
Its a lovely walk with lots of exotic birds....
well i find them exotic...
i keep taking pictures of parrots and cockatoo's
that just fly around outside the house.
to the aussies its all just normal.
The gardens are a lovely walk, you dont feel like your in a big city
at all.

We then went to the National Library wherre they have an exhibt
on the Australian National Ballet as it is their
50th anniversary.
I enjoyed it, and even Tim didnt find it too painful.

I was planning on heading back into the city today,
but had to turn back.
I've got an infection at the moment
that i needed to go back to the hospital for yesterday.
I've spent most of this trip being ill....
its very depressing, one thing after another.
I've barely got to do or see anything.
At the hospital yesterday we did another scan on my lung and its still not
fully functioning.
Which is a huge bummer as now it really means we are going to have to buy
new flights home....
I was also  hoping to get some ballet classes in whilst we were here
Sydney looks like it has a bunch of awesome ballet classes,
but instead i've been confined to the bedroom.
Fingers crossed i'm going to feel well enough to
go to the Koala Sanctuary tomorrow!!!!!!

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  1. Sydney looks amazing, hope you will feel better so you will be able to enjoy it even more. But this must be the best excuse to go back someday:)